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Swing bridge at Wainui YMCA camp

17 January 1981

Children on a swing bridge at the Wainui YMCA camp.

Snow on Colombo Street

31 May 1989

Snow on Colombo Street, Sydenham, looking south from the ...

Bridge on the Heathcote River

Circa 1960s

Bridge over the Heathcote River in Opawa looking towards the ...

Canterbury Public Library

3 June 1983

Exterior of the Canterbury Public Library on the corner of ...

Canterbury Public Library

17 May 1982

Exterior of the Canterbury Public Library taken from the ...

Canterbury Public Library

20 February 1982

Exterior of the Canterbury Public Library lit up at night taken ...

Clearing weeds on the Heathcote River

19 June 1940

A boat clearing the weeds from the Heathcote River looking ...

Heathcote River bridge

11 April 1961

View of the bridge over the Heathcote River estuary under low ...

Waimakariri Gorge and bridge

7 January 1978

A car parked beside the river at Waimakariri Gorge.

Old Waimakariri River bridges

17 November 1967

The old railway and road bridges across the Waimakariri River.

Bridges over the Waimakariri River

21 April 1958

Railway and road bridge over the Waimakariri River.

View of the Groynes

4 January 1983

The suspension bridge crossing the waterways at the Groynes.

Groynes ranger, Malcolm Campbell

5 January 1983

Ranger Malcolm Campbell on the suspension bridge at the Groynes.

Lex Stock, Groynes head ranger

26 January 1980

The head ranger at the Groynes, Lex Stock, on the new suspension ...

Suspension bridge at the Groynes

26 January 1980

Terry Creach, aged 11, canoeing in a branch of the Waimakariri ...

Gloucester Street bridge


Gloucester Street bridge.

Armagh Street bridge


Armagh Street bridge.

Worcester Street bridge

25 September 1990

Worcester Street bridge seen from Cambridge Terrace with Noahs ...

Antigua Street bridge

2 August 1902

Demolition of old Antigua Street bridge over the Avon River.

Antigua Boatsheds

Circa 1890

View of the Antigua Boatsheds at 2 Cambridge Terrace along the ...

Colombo Street overbridge

Circa 1960s

View from the Colombo Street overbridge looking north up Colombo ...

Stringer's Bridge on the Waipara River

2 January 1962

View of Stringer's Bridge on the Waipara River near Broomfield. ...

Official opening of the Bealey Bridge in Canterbury


View of cars travelling along the Bealey Bridge, which crosses ...

Rowing on the Avon River in the Botanic Gardens


Fred, Dave and George Hanna rowing on the Avon River in the ...

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