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Transportation of a black poplar tree log

8 October 1959

Black poplar tree log on Lincoln Road being transported to a ...

Traction engine powered saw mill

18 October 1979

A traction engine powered saw mill in operation.

Treatment of wood

25 October 1969

Wood being prepared for treatment at a Christchurch treatment ...

Fibreboard plant production line

6 September 1975

Production line at the fibreboard plant at Canterbury Timber ...

Canterbury Timber Products factory

15 July 1978

Exterior of the Canterbury Timber Products factory.

Eaves family saw mill

20 October 1979

John, Eric and Katherine Eaves operate a traction engine powered ...

Loading timber

15 August 1977

Logs being loaded onto a truck.


29 January 1980

Timberlands site on Mandeville Street, Riccarton.

Split log inspection

16 May 1961

People inspecting a split log.

Saw stuck in a log

19 May 1961

Larry Moore uses a wedge and axe to retrieve his saw from a log.

Australian moth damaged timber

15 August 1981

John Hinton with examples of damage to timber caused by ...

Sharpening a pit saw

19 May 1961

Bill Moore sharpening a pit saw.

Canterbury Timber Stockpile Company yard

31 July 1976

Canterbury Timber Stockpile Company yard at Harewood.

McVicar Timber Southbrook office

27 August 1982

Ivan Boyce (left), manager at McVicar Timber yard, and office ...

McVicar Timber Southbrook office

27 August 1982

Exterior of the new office at the McVicar Timber yard at ...

McVicar's Southbrook yard

27 August 1982

Timber being loaded onto a truck at McVicar's Southbrook yard.

The McVicar Timber head office

27 August 1982

Exterior of the McVicar Timber head office on Johns Road.

Chords of firewood

23 May 1977

Bill Crossen, with son, Simon, and a stack of firewood outside ...

Saw millers' protest in Cathedral Square

4 August 1977

West Coast saw millers protesting in Cathedral Square to retain ...

Aerial view of McVicar Timber Ltd

25 February 1975

McVicar Timber Ltd in Johns Road, seen from the air.

McVicar Timber saw mill

10 February 1981

Logs in the McVicar Timber saw mill on John's Road in Harewood.

Addington Timber Company

5 March 1970

Timber portals in production which will form part of the new ...

South Island shaped cake

9 July 1979

Cake shaped like the South Island to mark twenty years of ...

Fletcher employees

1 November 1977

Longest serving Fletcher employees. Pictured are, standing left ...

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