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Driftwood Beach Hut

May 2020

An impressive driftwood hut at New Brighton Beach.

Flowering Succulent on the sand dunes

May 2020

A beautiful flower brightens the sand dunes at New Brighton ...

Tree in the fog

May 2020

A dark and moody photo of a tree on a foggy night.

Moody Dark Street

May 2020

An artistic photo of a dark, foggy street at night.

Moody Facade

May 2020

An artistic photo of a propped-up building in Lyttelton.

The reality of working from home

April 2020

A sign on the door to let the kids know not to disturb Dad while ...

Dark and Moody Lyttelton Clock Tower

April 2020

An artistic shot overlooking Lyttelton.

Keep the bus driver safe

May 2020

Bus passengers enter and exit the bus using the back doors to ...

Green on the bus

May 2020

A green sticker shows where to sit on the bus during Level 2 to ...

Hanmer Springs pools in Level 2

13 September 2020

Level 2 guidelines outside the entrance to the pools. 500 people ...

New bus rules

May 2020

Social distancing signs on the bus during Level 2.

Not our cat

April 2020

Charlie the neighbour's cat begs to be let in.

Yenna the Kitten

May 2020

Yenna the kitten was adopted during Lockdown and loves to ...

Kicking a ball in Level 4

April 2020

Flatmates in their 'Bubble' kick a ball around at Burnside park ...

Gelato Graffiti Art

May 2020

Street art outside Rollikin Gelato on Cashel Street.

Cliff exploring at Taylor's Mistake

May 2020

A group of friends explore the cliffs near Taylor's Mistake and ...

Landmark lighting to mark 10 years since September 4th Earthquake

4 September 2020

Prominent landmarks around Christchurch are being lit-up on 3 ...

Mayoral Earthquake message

4 September 2020

Message from the Mayor Lianne Dalziel on the 10 year anniversary ...

ANZAC Poppies on the Bridge of Remembrance

April 25 2020

A close-up photo of the many poppies on the Bridge of ...

ANZAC poppies on the Bridge of Remembrance

25 April 2020

Lots of poppies adorn the Bridge of Remembrance during Level 3 ...

Yenna the Kitten

April 2020

Yenna the grey kitten was adopted during Lockdown Level 3.

Matching Shoes in the CBD

May 2020

Friends with matching Chuck Taylor shoes in Christchurch ...

Native Bird Graffiti Art

May 2020

A concrete wall in the CBD covered with beautiful native birds.

Snow Day in Central City

2 August 2020

Children playing in snow that was imported from Mount Hutt Ski ...

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