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Roimata food commons

19 March 2023

A relaxing, natural place to forage for food.

Thomas Edmonds Band Rotunda

7 March 2023

Band Rotunda on the Avon River, Cambridge Terrace.

Cave Rock

7 March 2023

Fire dancers on Sumner Beach.

Cashmere Sanatorium Open Air Shelter

19 January 2022

Constructed around 1913-1915, the Cashmere Sanatorium Open Air ...

Tree Fern (punga) from Hagley park

2 March 2023

I was sitting down at the park looking around admiring the view ...


12 February 2023

Lyttelton Harbour at night.

Mexicana Dancer mid Performance

29 October 2022

The Mexicana dancers in the guts of their performance, the ...

Range of Motion

29 October 2022

Here you can see the dancers Folkarico dress in their movement, ...


29 October 2022

A traditional Mexicana dress, you can see how the skirt has a ...

Mexicana Dancers Preparing to Perform

29 October 2022

Mexicana dancers prepare to perform for the celebrations.

Sequoia tree corner Main North and Prestons Road

8 February 2023

Also known as a Giant Redwood. The Redwood suburb was named ...

Southshore Spit

4 February 2023

House in Southshore at the end of Rocking Horse Road.

Redcliffs Tennis Club


The Redcliffs Tennis Club was officially opened in 1917, at 75 ...

El Jarabe Tapatío

29 October 2022

A courtship dance, this form of dance was prominent throughout ...

Kinetic Energy

29 October 2022

Two dancers celebrating Día de Muertos exhilaratingly move to ...

Take a Bow!

29 October 2022

The dancing duo position themselves ready to receive an ...

Me encata Mariachis!

29 October 2022

A wonderful quartet of Mariachis perform heartfelt traditional ...

Can you take a photo?

29 October 2022

Having just made friends with the photographer, David asks them ...

Roar of Excitment

29 October 2022

The dancer cheers in joy as the crowd is wowed by the impressive ...

In the Moment

29 October 2022

One of the performers gives it their all with their intricate ...

All Smiles!

29 October 2022

Three young people enjoying the festivities and taking the time ...

DJ at Día de Muertos

29 October 2022

One of the DJ's enthusiastically plays upbeat tunes for the ...

Pacific Sisters, SCAPE Public Art

17 January 2023

'Pacific Sisters' art installation as part of SCAPE Public Art ...

Pacific Sisters, SCAPE Public Art

17 January 2023

'Pacific Sisters' art installation as part of SCAPE Public Art ...

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