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Bear Hunt

Thursday 2 April 2020

Teddy Bear at a house in St Albans. Day 8 of lockdown.


Tuesday 31 March 2020

Corner of Barbadoes Street and Edgeware Road. Day 6 of lockdown.

Scrabble dictionaries

Sunday 29 March 2020

Day 4 of lockdown. Playing scrabble with 3 dictionaries.

COVID-19 Lockdown emergency alert

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Most New Zealand mobile phones got this emergency message about ...

Covid-19 motivational sign

7 April 2020

Sign on a fence outside a house in Richmond. The first line ...

Winding Path in Cardigan Bay Reserve

3 April 2020

We use this wee reserve on Lincoln Road to cut back to the path ...

Church Square Repose

2 April 2020

Lovely sculpture in the equally lovely Church Square, it's an ...

Addington Cemetery

6 April 2020

Selwyn Street Entrance. One of the city's oldest, and it has ...

Mr. William Boag

5 April 2020

Plaque commemorating the arrival of Mr. William Boag the "Father ...

Signs on door, Ferry Road Pharmacy

8 April 2020

A number of paper signs on the door to the Ferry Road Pharmacy ...

Queue for Countdown, Eastgate Mall

2 April 2020

Shoppers queue up 2 metres apart before Countdown supermarket ...

New Zealand Blood Service hand sanitising zone

26 March 2020

Signage indicating a hand sanitising zone at the entrance to ...

Red spot for queuing blood donors

26 March 2020

Red floor sticker to indicate safe distances when queuing, at ...

Taped off playground, Olliviers Reserve

25 March 2020

Boy unable to play on playground equipment due to Covid-19 ...

Addington Jail in Autumn

6 April 2020

This is one of the city's oldest jails, and is now a backpackers ...

Wycola Park during lockdown

8 April 2020

View of Wycola Park playground during lockdown.

Hei Hei Shops durin lockdown

8 April 2020

View of shops along Wycola Avenue in Hei Hei.

Beatiful Autumn

7 April 2020

Avon River during Covid19 Lockdown, 7 April 2020.

Lockdown window art

8 April 2020

Everyday a new picture is drawn on the window linking to a new ...

Halswell Quarry

7 April 2020

My walk today. Halswell Quarry on a warm Autumn afternoon. So ...

Drinking fountain lockdowm

7 April 2020

A drinking fountain in lockdown at the Halswell Quarry.

Souvlaki King

6 April 2020

Teddy bears and Kermit the frog in the window of Souvlaki King.


Saturday 21 March 2020

He Hononga | Connection, ground floor of Tūranga. Limited entry ...

Unite Against Covid-19 Digital Signage

Saturday 21 March 2020

Digital advertising signage displaying poster from the Unite ...

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