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School online with funny hats

22 April 2020

Joseph Ward wearing a wig and hat while having a Zoom meeting ...

Signs on St Albans School

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Day 13 of lockdown.

Entrance to Mairehau Primary School Innes Road, Mairehau

7 April 2020

Notice at the entrance to Mairehau Primary School informing the ...

Entrance to Mairehau Primary School Mahars Road, Mairehau

26 March 2020

Sign across the entrance to Mairehau Primary School informing ...

Dr Priscilla Galloway

17 February 1996

Dr Priscilla Galloway, a consultant on English teaching from ...

American trainee teachers

28 July 1987

American trainee teachers, Millie Meybohm and Jennifer Turner, ...

Early Harewood School class

c 1900?

Early Harewood School class.

Art class Burnside High School


Art class at Burnside High School. Art teacher Mr Geoff Heath

Harewood School c 1930


Photo of pupils at Harewood School c 1930's.

Four Avenues School


Four Avenues School. 1975. 26 Gloucester Street. I was the first ...

Opawa School and memorial gates


Opawa School and memorial gates. Photo taken from 29 Ford Road

Harewood School, circa 1950


Harewood School, circa 1950

Lyttelton school


Lyttelton school.
From the album of Frederick Charles ...

Papanui High School


Papanui High School

West Christchurch School, 1923


West Christchurch School, 1923

Opening of the "new" brick Phillipstown School building in 1922


Opening of the "new" brick Phillipstown School building in 1922.

Standard 6, Cashmere School, 1929


Standard 6, Cashmere School, 1929. My mother, Mavis Howarth, is ...

Standard 6, Hornby Primary School, 1956


This is standard six (Form 2) at Hornby Primary School in 1956. ...

Class photo Aranui School Infants to Standard 1, 1914


Taken at Aranui School Christchurch 1914. My late mother Annie ...

Kingsford Smith & Sumner school


Margery Tait (9 years) presenting roll with names of girls of ...

Schoolchildren crossing Pages Road

16 September 1982

Children from St James Catholic School and Aranui Primary School ...

Motorcyclist at Pigeon Bay


My brother on his Yamaha MX80 outside the Pigeon Bay School.

Te Reo Māori lessons at Rowley School

1 August 1983

Joan Anderson, teacher at Rowley School with pupils Genevieve ...

Windsor School production

19 August 1983

View of students performing in an anti-pollution play at Windsor ...

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