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Ferrymead House, with another, much larger building on Bridle Path Road

Early 20th Century See above

Two houses at Ferrymead Wharf. Several greenhouses at this ...

Ferrymead Wharf From Above.

Late 19th early 20th Century

A view of Ferrymead wharf and the House from the hillside. Note ...

Ferrymead House, Original colour scan

Potentially 1883 - However The CCC Heritage site has the sale to the Buntings as 1886

Ferrymead House. Original Colour Scan. The written description ...

Ferrymead House

Potentially 1883

Ferrymead House. The written description on the back of a ...

Ferry Road bridge, looking east

circa 1928

"The bridge is dangerously narrow leaving only 4 inches ...

Lyttelton Road Tunnel Portal

10 July 2010

Entry to the Road Tunnel from Bridle Path Road

Christchurch Gondola

1 May 2018

View of the Christchurch Gondola travelling up the Port Hills ...

An electric tram crosses the Ferry Bridge

June 1909

A tram crosses the bridge over the Heathcote River on the road ...

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