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Rhodes Memorial Convalescent home and grounds

16 November 1994

Exterior of the Rhodes Memorial Convalescent home including the ...

Mary's Mount rest home

26 March 1977

Exterior of Mary's Mount rest home on Summit Road on the ...

Thank you to all the essential workers

2 April 2020

This chalk message of thanks was written along the bank of the ...

Burning car on Centaurus Road

25 April 1970

A car on fire in Centaurus Road. The car was being towed when it ...

Arbor Day tree planting at Elizabeth Park

5 June 1991

Kathleen Shortland, Marygold Koni, and Barbara Hood of Branston ...

Heathcote River gas pipe

13 October 1970

A gaspipe crossing the Heathcote River on Ashgrove Terrace.

Standard 6, Cashmere School, 1929


Standard 6, Cashmere School, 1929. My mother, Mavis Howarth, is ...

From the Sign of the Takahe


Taken from the Sign of the Takahe out a window across the ...

Karitane Hospital


Karitane Hospital, Cashmere, Christchurch

The Sign of the Takahe

18 August 1983

Christchurch Transport Board buses outside the Sign of the ...

From above the Sign of the Takahe

April 1949

A picture from what I assume was a South Island holiday taken by ...

53 Dyers Pass Road


53 Dyers Pass Road, built 1910. Coal stove still working.

Coal Stove, 53 Dyers Pass Road


Coal Stove - 53 Dyers Pass Road, still working well 1981.

The garden of Mr. W. Campbell, 3 Thorrington Street.

15 February 1938.

Winner of the south-west section of the Christchurch Beautifying ...

Bridge construction


Construction of bridge in the Somerfield/Cashmere area looking ...

Aerial view of Cashmere


Aerial view of Cashmere prior to the construction of Princess ...

Aerial view of Huntsbury Hill

1 June 1949

Aerial view of Huntsbury Hill showing the site of the new ...

Huntsbury Hill and sanatorium


Aerial view of Huntsbury Hill subdivision and the Cashmere ...

City Centre seen from Bealey Avenue

16 August 1947

View of the rooflines of the city centre from Bealey Avenue ...

School camp at Cracroft House

28 October 1982

South New Brighton Primary School students camping in the ...

Kampuchean refugee funds

6 December 1979

Cashmere Primary School pupils with money raised for Kampuchean ...

Sydenham School reunion

30 October 1961

Former pupils of the 1921 Standard 6 class of Sydenham School at ...

Construction of new Cashmere Road bridge

26 June 1962

Pre-stressed concrete beams being lowered into position during ...

Cashmere Presbyterian Church

5 December 1941

Presbyterian church in Cashmere. Seen from Dyers Pass Road.

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