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Sumner cliffs

circa 2000

Pre earthquake Sumner.

Red-zoned house getting demolished

2 March 2012

Demolition of a red-zoned house in Galbraith Avenue in Avonside, ...

Mayo Place, Belfast

March 1995

Exterior of the home of June Hunt and Bernard Hunt in Mayo Place ...

Garden in Belfast

March 1995

Part of the garden growing Impatiens, owned by June Hunt and ...

Wendy in 1974


"My sister posing in the backyard in 1974" - Contributor's note

The Locke family cottage in the Avon Loop


392 Oxford Terrace. "Writer and activist Elsie Locke lived there ...

Manual lawn mower

August 2002

"Dad used the very first manual lawn mower he purchased in his ...

Bamford Street House


"Mr Evans in the doorway of his Bamford Street House" - ...

North Brighton House


"Bohemian house in North Brighton in the 1980s." - Contributor's ...

House on Rocking Horse Road

June 1959

View of a newly built modern style house at 73b Rocking Horse ...

Mount Pleasant

12 January 2010

Mount Pleasant suburb, viewed from 66 Mt Pleasant Road. The ...

Addington district house built 1900


The house belonging to Alfred and Cecilia Scott at 81 Spencer ...

Canterbury Aged Peoples Welfare Council house

10 May 1975

Exterior of a house in Sumner that has just been acquired by the ...

Fairy Doors

15 April 2020

There are now a large number of fairy doors in Bottle Lake ...

Basingstoke Street Snow

July/August 2011

Snow falling in Aranui, winter 2011.

Jaycees roof painting

14 April 1973

Jaycees painting the roof of John Lawn's house in Roxburgh ...

House at Freeman Street, Mt Pleasant 1975


House and garden in Freeman Street, Mt Pleasant in 1975.

Prams the way they used to be made!


My daughter Lisa at our new house in Munro Street, Redwood.

The new path


My Uncle Allan Reeve enjoyed renovating old villas during the ...

110 Park Terrace


Home on corner of Park Terrace and Dorset Street, 110 Park ...

110 Park Terrace


House on corner Park Terrace and Dorset Street, 110 Park ...

"Rock Villa", 24 Marriner Street, Sumner


Places Rock villa, 24 Marriner Street, Sumner, before the ...

Postcard - Miowera, Kilmarnock and Darvel Streets


Home of Henry Fisher, well-known art gallery owner in ...

View of Peveral Place, Mulcocks Rd, Flaxton, Rangiora


Peveral Place, Mulcocks Rd, Flaxton, Rangiora - home of Edward & ...

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