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Hospital corner, winter morning 1960s


This scene was photographed by my father and features a PA ...

Rugby Spectator


My Uncle, Will Buckett. He loved going to rugby matches. At ...

The union methodist business girls sports team


Uniforms were made by Ray Milliners in New Regent Street. 15 ...

Party Time

2 September 1952

Ron Goss, Marjorie Goss, Thelma Goss, Shirley Goss (21st ...

Waka Launch, Waitangi day, Okains Bay

6 February 1977

As far as I know this Waitangi Day was the opening of the ...

First flight

December 1965.

Alan Tunnicliffe's first flight. Arrival at Christchurch ...

Strumming on the roof


Roof tops of New Regent Street, Christchurch. Susan Quirk is the ...

Christmas Dinner, 1962

25 December 1962

Four generations at a humble Christmas dinner.  Grandma Todd, ...

Christmas Time

December 1958

"My sister and me at a Christmas Party in Greymouth." - ...

Hang gliding on the Port Hills


Unknown group hang-gliding on Port Hills. We were passing by ...

QEII Digger

Late 1970s

This child-sized digger with working controls was located near ...

Womens' Royal Army Corp Parade


Parade of the Women's Royal Army Corps at Burnham Camp.

Netball at Hagley Courts.


Typical scene at high school netball competition at Hagley ...

Car Trouble


My father (Gus Watts) and Ralph, fixing our troublesome car. I ...

North East Christchurch Energy Group Protest


In '79 the National Government introduced a 60 percent increase ...

Mark Hibberd & 4lb Trout


Mark Hibberd, big catch Rainbow Trout. Waimakariri River, ...

At the Intersection of High, Hereford and Colombo Streets


My Mother and Grandmother on their way to shop in High Street, ...

Anderson's Engineering Machine Hall


Apprenticeship, Fitting and Turning ? Heavy Machine Shop ? ...

23A Tuirau Place, Ilam


Property constructed for Miss Margaret (Reta) Kernaghan by M L ...

Wartime in the city.

7 August 1942

1st Battalion Canterbury Regiment by Cranmer Square, ...

St Bedes College.


The St Bedes College building as it was in 1950.

Majestic Dance Band


Jimmy Olin (Leader on saxophone), Lottie Duckworth (pianist), ...

D. C. 3 at Harewood Airport


Staff from No. 4 Hanger. Name of aircraft: (D.C. 3). This plane ...

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