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Hillyer's pies

10 March 1983

Pauline Gilmers (left), Bert and Irene Hillyer and Grant Hillyer ...

Yardleys Bakery brandy snaps

7 July 1984

Drew Miller, storeman at Yardleys Bakery in Aranui, packing ...

Edmonds factory garden

14 September 1982

The garden at Edmonds factory on Ferry Road, Phillipstown.

UEB Industries workers

21 August 1986

Workers outside the UEB Industries Limited spinning plant, Maces ...

Feltex factory

21 February 1984

Exterior of the Feltex carpet factory at 8 Athol Terrace, Upper ...

John Tusa, spinning operator

18 June 1984

Spinning operator John Tusa at the UEB Industries Limited ...

Ernest Adams sponge rolls

2 July 1983

Jim Martin with a rack of sponge rolls at the factory of Ernest ...

D.H. Brown and Son's flour mill

29 March 1983

The new D.H. Brown and Son Limited flour mill at 35 Moorhouse ...

Brandy snaps at Yardleys Bakery

28 August 1982

Lynette Brinfield, a Yardleys Bakery employee, loading the ...

Pumpernickel rye bread mix, Holes Bakery

2 September 1982

Steven Hole of Holes Bakery, 81 Effingham Street, North Beach, ...

Edmonds factory gardeners

14 September 1982

Ray Leech (kneeling) and Norm Griggs, gardeners of the Edmonds ...

Portable grain bagging machine

5 March 1982

Gary Bleeker (left) and Carl Wakefield using a portable bagging ...

Aluminium smelter protest

21 March 1981

Protesters with banners at the protest against the proposed ...

Save Aramoana Campaign

21 August 1981

S. Richards (left) and N. Gourdie with the Save Aramoana ...

Smelting pot from Andersons Engineering

8 August 1981

Smelting pots for Tiwai Point being constructed at Andersons ...

Helen de Beer with tufting gun

22 September 1980

Helen de Beer using a Hoffmann tufting gun at the Shirley carpet ...

The Towers

8 February 1986

Exterior of the Towers motel at 7 Kilmarnock Street on the ...

Walnut farmer

4 July 1985

Rex Baker, Halswell walnut farmer.

Mike Reitsma of Fendalton Fish Supply

18 January 1985

Mike Reitsma with sea caught salmon at Fendalton Fish Supply at ...

Industries Fair at night

30 August 1984

View of the amusement rides at the Industries Fair at night at ...

Glentunnel brickworks staff

29 October 1983

Staff of the Glentunnel brickworks during their final week ...

Cement pouring and smoothing

6 September 1982

Two workers pouring cement from a mixing truck and smoothing the ...

Jumbo-Jumbo the elephant at the Industries Fair

10 September 1982

Handlers, Paul Terry (left) and George Welsh with children ...

Laughing clowns at the Industries Fair

24 September 1982

Tammy Tahuhu with a laughing clowns game at the Industries Fair ...

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