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Snow 1988


Photo taken through kitchen window of 61 Wattle Drive looking ...

Linwood Avenue


Linwood Avenue looking west in early morning.

Heathcote River from Rutherford Street bridge


The Woolston Cut by night.

Graffiti on central Christchurch wall in the mid-eighties


Graffiti advertising the band The Axemen in the 1980s.

Big Apple ice skating rink awaiting pipelaying

9 March 1985

The interior of the Big Apple ice skating rink under ...

Big Apple ice rink mountain mural

4 April 1985

Painter, Dave Blyth, with the Swiss mountain mural he is ...

Opening of Big Apple ice rink

30 April 1985

Skaters at the newly opened Big Apple ice rink, the first ...

Daytona Raceway

15 April 1983

Students of Xavier College racing at Daytona Park Raceway at ...

Xavier College students at Daytona Raceway

5 February 1983

Michael Payne, Mark McGinley and Alan Barry of Xavier College at ...

Dodge City under construction

4 October 1986

Bruce McMillan, design artist of the Great Western Adventure ...

Horticultural Hall antiques fair

25 January 1986

Stalls with items on display at an antiques fair at the ...

Alcohol free drinks for university students

30 September 1982

Horticulture students, Fiona Waghorn (left) and Shakunfala ...

Horse drawn fire engine

19 May 1982

A horse drawn fire engine from 1893, on loan from the Ferrymead ...

Vintage engines at farewell parade

19 May 1982

Parade of vintage fire engines to mark the retirement of Fire ...

Denis Robins, world president of Fire Engineers

9 November 1983

Denis Robins, the world president of the Institute of Fire ...

Christchurch's first woman firefighter

11 September 1989

Di Fisher, a member of the New Brighton Volunteer Fire Brigade ...

Woolston Primary School pupils fundraise for Tonga

12 March 1982

Woolston Primary School students handing the president of the ...

Training at the Regional Survey of Draughting School

19 January 1984

Doug Anderson supervises Nauru trainee, Preston Ilaia at the ...

Bangladeshi performers from Savar Children's Village

16 June 1986

Five Bangladeshi children from Savar Children's Village in Dhaka ...

Chateau Blanc under construction

19 August 1987

Construction of a retirement centre, Chateau Blanc, on the edge ...

Mansfield Gardens retirement home

18 October 1988

Exterior of the newly refurbished Mansfield Gardens at 24 ...

Battle of Crete Commemorations Victoria Park

20 May 1984

Crete Veterans including Charles Upham (left) at Elisabeth Park ...

Battle of Crete Commemorations Victoria Park

20 May 1984

Crete Veterans plant Olive tree at Elisabeth Park to mark the ...

Battle of Crete Commemorations Victoria Park

20 May 1984

Girls from Mykonos restaurant sing Greek national anthem at ...

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