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Gail Cook at New Brighton

circa 1990

Gail Cook playing on the playground in New Brighton.

Kelvin Cook

circa 1990

Kelvin Cook playing in the New Brighton whale pool.

Barney McKee and Madge Sheddan

circa 1980

Barney McKee with his sister, Madge Sheddan.

Farandol Folk Dancers by the Avon Loop

23 January 1988

Farandol Folk Dancers performing an Israel dance Shiru Hashir ...

Alice’s 5th Birthday

1 April 1987

Alice Quartly at 5th Birthday with a hedgehog cake.

Engagement photos in Upper Riccarton

March 1988

Engagement photos for Lisa Kerr and Peter Platts. It was taken ...

The Croc

November 1986

She was always very still we all waited for her to move to see ...

Mr Pig

November 1986

Not sure what type of pig this is but we liked him.

Family time

November 1986

Enjoying time with the animals my son and my dad good memories ...

Monkey trouble

November 1986

Cheeky monkey quite the entertainer.

Sleepy time

November 1986

Lion at mini zoo.

Cheeky Monkey

November 1986

My son, amused by this cheeky monkey. I’ve heard lots of funny ...

Brighton mini zoo

November 1986

My Dad and my son visiting zoo. Dad took me there as a child he ...

Mike Kerrigan evading a tackle at Sydenham Showgrounds

13 July 1985

Mike Kerrigan evading a tackle at Sydenham Showgrounds during a ...

Hay twins singing at Telethon

1 July 1985

Mayor, Hamish Hay, and his twin, David, sing Side by Side at ...

Woolworths staff in costume

27 June 1985

Woolworths staff dressed up at an auction for Telethon. Pictured ...

Hand holding record attempt

24 June 1985

An attempt to break the world hand holding record at Addington ...

Ferro the Newfoundland at Northlands Mall

24 June 1985

Boon Sagin from Singapore enjoys a ride in a cart pulled by ...

Applause for $6 million

1 July 1985

The hosts of Telethon 1985 applaud as $6 million is reached.

Fiona Ciaran

10 November 1983

Art historian, Fiona Ciaran, restoring the stained glass in the ...

Southerly cloud

7 September 1987

Southerly weather causes a low cloud to hang over the city.

A game of underwater pool

25 June 1983

Doug Wallace and Trevor Painter play pool underwater at Queen ...

Students wrecking a car

22 June 1983

Christchurch Boys High pupils, Duncan McLeod, Royden Mauger, ...

The final total at Telethon

27 June 1983

People celebrate the final total of funds raised for Telethon.

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