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Woolworths staff fundraise for Telethon

23 June 1983

Staff of Woolworths, Sydenham, in costumes to raise money for ...

Pearly Queen for Telethon

18 June 1981

Wyn Mason, Pearly Queen performer at Telethon.

Deep Freeze team at Telethon

1 July 1981

Matthew Whiting on a sledge brought by Deep Freeze personnel to ...

Aerobics class record attempt


Maureen Molloy leads a crowd in Cathedral Square in an attempt ...

Kaiapoi Rangers raise money for Telethon

27 June 1988

Members of the Kaiapoi Rangers with a toy Alf raising money for ...

Telethon audience at Town Hall

25 June 1988

Audience gathering outside the Town Hall for the Telethon.

What Now dancers

25 June 1988

What Now dancers performing at the Telethon.

Wheelbarrow pushing for Telethon

21 June 1988

Gavin Cowley with Richard Hopkins and Matthew Metcalf, at ...

Michele A'Court in sidecar

25 June 1988

What Now presenter Michele A'Court in a 900cc Kawasaki sidecar ...

Wheels for Telethon at Ruapuna

25 June 1988

Leeza Gibbons at the Wheels for Telethon meeting at Ruapuna.

Telethon presenters singing

27 June 1988

Christchurch Telethon presenters, included Catherine McPherson ...

Filling a monsoon bucket at Rangiora

3 February 1989

Alan Bond pilots a helicopter as the fire fighters fill a ...

Delivering milk in the snow

26 October 1985

Bob White, milkman for the Darfield-Springfield area, delivering ...

Feeding sheep after snowfall

14 October 1987

Sheep gathering around a hay bale to feed after heavy snowfall.

John Copplestone

11 May 1984

John Copplestone, tinsmith, of Copplestone Bros on Wordsworth ...

Production of deer fence netting at Cyclone factory

16 June 1984

Andrew Regald inserts a card into a roll of deer fence netting ...

Atrium Lounge at Park Royal Hotel

29 September 1988

The Atrium Lounge on the ground floor of the Park Royal Hotel.

Rumpole's Bar

7 April 1989

Rumpole's Bar in the Park Royal Hotel.

Park Royal mural by school students

24 November 1986

Intermediate and secondary school students paint a mural on the ...

Northern fa?ade of Park Royal under construction

17 September 1987

View of the northern fa?ade of the Park Royal Hotel, under ...

Park Royal near completion

25 January 1988

The Park Royal Hotel, as seen from the south east, in its final ...

Dessert trolley at Noahs Hotel

21 August 1981

Eric Verberne, head waiter at Noahs Hotel, with a trolley of ...

Firefighter training at Blue Skies camp

1 October 1984

Senior rescue firefighter, Henry Waitoa sprays foam on to ...

Donated house for fire training exercise

24 July 1985

A house donated by Skellerup Industries to the Fire Service so ...

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