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Shenley Orchard homestead

5 July 1988

Exterior view of the old granary, used for storage, at the ...

Mr Apple preparing for the Great Apple Race

16 September 1983

Mark Smith, dressed as Mr Apple, scooping apples from the Avon ...

Egg and spoon race at Parklands Mall

17 April 1984

A group of women participating in an egg and spoon race for ...

Asian Food Fair stall holders, Carlton Courts

11 November 1985

Stall holders with samples of the food on sale at the Asian Food ...

Recycled Recreation shop, Manchester Street

2 April 1983

Darryl Tatum and Phil Brown outside the front of the Recycled ...

Riding the blue dry slide, QEII Park

30 May 1986

Groups of children sliding down on sacks, and waiting in line ...

QEII Park Hydroslide

16 August 1984

Adults and children emerging out the end of the Hydroslide at ...

Cane Furniture Manufacturers Ltd, Riccarton

17 April 1982

Steve Saundeson (left) and Dave Whiten, founders of Cane ...

Knitting machine at Lane Walker Rudkin Industries Ltd

12 April 1980

Knitting machine being operated at the Lane Walker Rudkin ...

Hornby Shopping Mall activity

7 May 1982

Interior of Hornby Shopping Mall with two children on a ride in ...

Shoppers on Brighton Mall, New Brighton

24 December 1983

Crowds of shoppers on Christmas Eve along the main street ...

T&G Triangle Centre shopping centre

9 May 1988

Exterior of the T&G Triangle Centre shopping centre on the ...

Garage sale at King Edward Barracks

18 April 1983

View across King Edward Barracks down to packed stalls with ...

Eftpos at Supervalue supermarket, Merivale

21 September 1983

Michelle Wright (right), Trustbank Canterbury Trustline ...

Bar coding at Northland's Super value

5 September 1983

Checkout staff at the Supervalue Supermarket at Northlands ...

Competitors in the Checker of the Year South Island finals

21 August 1989

The eighteen competitors in the Woolworths Checker of the Year ...

Canterbury v Waikato rugby match at Hamilton

27 August 1983

Canterbury's Robbie Deans (left) and Waikato's Mark Cameron ...

22 Wainoni Rd

12 January 1988

Pannell Dairy on corner of Wainoni Road and Pannell Ave.

254 Opawa Rd

12 January 1988

Opawa Food Centre on the corner of Opawa Road and Grange Street.

397 Linwood Ave

12 January 1988

A1 Koki Takeaways

107 Idris Rd

12 January 1988

Victoria Florists on the corner of Idris and Wairakei Rd.

423 Cashel St

12 January 1988

Fruit and Vege shop on Cashel St.

142 Canon St

12 January 1988

Dairy on the corner of Canon and Barbadoes St.

Dallington Bridge Store

12 January 1988

Dairy located at 658 Avonside Drive

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