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Keighleys Road intersection

30 August 1988

Incorrectly spelled traffic warning at the Keighleys Road ...

Colombo Bridge Motors

31 May 1988

Bill Flanagan of Colombo Bridge Motors, Sydenham. Behind him are ...

Mobil Pegasus, Papanui

3 June 1988

Mobil Pegasus service station at 23 Main North Road in Papanui.

Judith Cumming and Flourish

3 May 1988

Judith Cumming and her plant shop, Flourish in the Graveston's ...

Symon and Lowther Menswear

9 May 1988

Symon and Lowther Menswear at 632 Colombo Street.

Johnson's grocery staff

9 May 1988

The staff of Johnson's grocery, Colin Johnson, Frank Grimes and ...

Forfar Childcare Centre

13 September 1988

A group of children outside the Forfar Childcare Centre in St ...

Samoan language class

11 February 1988

A group of children playing at the Autaumafai Fanau Kerisiano ...

St Albans Primary School Olympic Games

20 September 1988

A group of children participating in the Olympic Games at St ...

Beckenham School book week

12 October 1988

Students of Beckenham School at Beckenham Park for the school's ...

Spikey the Dragon at Merivale Mall

12 October 1988

David Vaealika and Christie Barret with Spikey the Dragon at ...

Summertimes Classical Sparks

20 February 1988

View of the audience at the Summertimes Classical Sparks held in ...

Ice-cream refreshment boy at the Westend Theatre

19 January 1988

Mark Dingwall, who works as an ice-cream refreshment boy during ...

Canterbury Gallery

27 August 1988

Exterior of the Canterbury Gallery, formerly Eyre Cottage, at 48 ...

Storage room at the Robert McDougall Art Gallery

3 September 1988

View of various artworks on sliding painting racks in one of the ...

Fails Café contents auction

23 June 1988

Ross Stainton, a sales manages for CRC Salvage, with an ...

The Winter Garden Sapphire Room auction

7 June 1988

Auctioneer, Mr David Rankin, with some of the items up for ...

Paynter Construction equipment auction

23 November 1988

Crowds in the main depot area of the Paynter Construction Watts ...

Murray Thacker bullock team

8 April 1988

View of the Murray Thacker bullock team on the Banks Peninsula, ...

Christchurch Cathedral


The Christchurch cathedral choristers singing in the ...

Christchurch Business Centre

29 January 1988

Christchurch Business Centre office complex on the corner of ...

Equiticorp Building

10 March 1988

The Equiticorp building on the corner of Cashel Street and ...

Former Energycorp Investment offices.

27 February 1988

The former Energycorp Investment offices at 75 Kilmore Street.

Clarendon Tower

9 May 1988

Construction of Clarendon Tower on the corner of Worcester ...

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