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View along Hereford Street

14 August 1976

View of buildings along Hereford Street starting at 90 Hereford ...

Construction of Westpark Tower

24 October 1987

Exterior of Westpark Tower, 56 Cashel Street, under ...

Brannigans building

29 August 1989

Exterior of the Brannigans building on the corner of Gloucester ...

The Manchester Unity building

12 July 1982

The Manchester Unity building on the corner of Manchester and ...

Construction of the Centra building

18 March 1988

Buildings on the corner of High Street and Cashel Street ...

90 Armagh Street

11 May 1987

Exterior during the construction of a tower block at 90 Armagh ...

Don Forbes headquarters

4 October 1986

Don Forbes headquarters at 315 Manchester Street on the corner ...

MFL building

26 November 1977

Exterior of the MFL Building on the corner of Gloucester Street ...

Landsborough House and Amuri Courts

7 May 1988

View along Durham Street from the corner with Gloucester Street ...

Robert James building

14 December 1989

Exterior of the Robert James building on the corner of Colombo ...

View from the Price Waterhouse building

14 August 1989

Ray Price, project supervisor, on the 20th floor of the Price ...

View of New Regent Street

9 May 1988

View down New Regent Street looking towards Armagh Street to the ...

Arthur Young House

4 October 1986

View of Arthur Young House at 227 Cambridge Terrace.

Colonial building

4 October 1986

View of the Colonial CML building in Cathedral Square on the ...

183 Hereford Street

20 August 1977

High-rise office building at 183 Hereford Street.

Manchester Unity building

7 October 1972

The Manchester Unity building on the corner of Manchester and ...

Victoria Towers

20 June 1987

Victoria Towers on the corner of Armagh Street and Oxford ...

Clarendon Tower

30 June 1988

Clarendon Tower during the final stages of construction on the ...

The Midland Club on Oxford Terrace

4 August 1988

Exterior of The Midland Club on Oxford Terrace next to Noah's ...

View over the Oxford Terrace Baptist Church

10 February 1962

View from the fire station looking over the Oxford Terrace ...

Dominion Mutual Securities building

5 August 1975

View from the Dominion Mutual Securities building during ...

View of Christchurch buildings

28 March 1987

View of central Christchurch buildings with numbering to mark ...

Central Christchurch looking South East

9 March 1988

View of Christchurch buildings looking South East towards the ...

Oxford Terrace and Barclay House

9 April 1988

View along Oxford Terrace, looking north towards Victoria ...

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