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Offloading sheep dog and volunteers for Operation Snow

July 1992

Flight Sergeant Bray helps to offload sheep dogs and volunteers ...

Iroquois helicopter at Fairlie Hotel

July 1992

An Air Force Iroquois outside the snow covered Fairlie Hotel.

Sausages in the Springfield snow

8 August 1973

Army drivers David Gray and Robin Owen-Cooper eating sausages ...

Private Ernest Rose


"Postcard. These two soldiers enlisted for the NZ Army. Private ...

Otto Gustav Rosenau

July 1940

Otto Gustav Rosenau a Jewish refugee from Germany who worked ...

Burnham Army Camp


Burnham Army Camp.

Trooping of the Colour ceremony disturbance

1 June 1989

Soldiers apprehending an anti-frigate protester who disrupted ...

Jim and friends


Jim Radcliffe and two friends. Jim in the middle and friend to ...

Jim trying on boots


Jim Radcliffe trying on boots.

Ready to go to war

circa 1942.

Selwyn (Sel) Lockie ready to go to war. Outside the Fitzgerald ...

Unknown Soldier


Photo reproduced from a glass negative by Glyn Williams. ...

Crowds welcoming the Royal entourage in Timaru

23 April 1966

A soldier keeping the crowd on Stafford Street in line as the ...

Army personnel and a member of the fire service

10 March 2011

Army personnel and a member of the fire service on the corner of ...

Attempt at world record for continuous pool playing

5 November 1973

Soldiers, Keri Ruru (left) and Wattie Cooper shaving during a ...

Opening Day of the new Terminal Building


Opening day celebrations of the new terminal building at ...

In training at Burnham Military Camp


Group photograph of soilders during their training at Burnham ...

Marching between Wigram Air Force base and Harewood


"My father often regaled us of tales of the many marches between ...

On Sumner Beach

Circa 1940

This is my father and mother on Sumner Beach just before dad ...

On leave in The Square, 1940s


My nana with my dad in Cathedral Square, may have been on leave ...

Second echelon of New Zealand Expeditionary Forces


Second echelon of New Zealand Expeditionary Forces march west ...

Filming at Burnham Military Camp

8 March 1969

Mr Kell Fowler filming soldiers at Burnham Military Camp as ...

Soldiers loading an anti-aircraft gun

12 April 1943

A group of soldiers loading a 3.7 anti-aircraft gun as part of ...

Field signallers training

22 July 1942

A group of field signallers attending a training lecture at the ...

Soldiers in Cologne, Germany

Circa 1940s

Two soldiers stood along the banks of the Rhine with Cologne ...

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