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Noahs Hotel


Foundation construction at Noahs Hotel site. Certified Concrete ...

Sequoia tree corner Main North and Prestons Road

8 February 2023

Also known as a Giant Redwood. The Redwood suburb was named ...

The Green at Te Pae Busking Pitch

17 January 2023

The Green at Te Pae Busking Pitch for the Bread & Circus World ...

Bellamy's and the Timber Chamber

17 January 2023

Sign in front of the earthquake damaged Bellamy's and Timber ...

Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings

17 January 2023

Earthquake damage to the Bellamy's and the Timber Chamber ...

Victoria Square bilingual map

17 January 2023

Bilingual map of Victoria Square near the Armagh Street ...

Captain James Cook statue

17 January 2023

The Captain James Cook statue in Victoria Square, looking ...

Hamish Hay Bridge

17 January 2023

Hamish Hay Bridge from Victoria Square.

Ferrier Fountain and poupou

17 January 2023

The Ferrier Fountain and poupou from Victoria Square.

Ferrier Fountain

17 January 2023

Looking towards the Ferrier Fountain and Christchurch Town Hall ...

Bridge of Remembrance


Bridge of Remembrance on Cashel Street, Christchurch Central ...

Governors Bay


View over Governors Bay.

Concorde aeroplane

April 1989

British Airways Concorde taking off at Christchurch Airport.

Ansett New Zealand aeroplane

1987 to 2000

Ansett New Zealand aeroplane landing in Christchurch Airport.

Alford Forest Centennial


Alford Forest Centennial. Back row (L-R): Ainslie Rountree, ...

Curraghaloo Farm


Moving the house on Curraghaloo Farm on Alford Forest.

Sumner School Pool fundraiser

1975 to 1985

Fancy Dress Parade which was a fundraiser for Sumner School ...

Ford Model T postcard


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year postcard. There is a Ford ...

Avon River weir

30 March 1968

A weir on the Avon River.

Avon River

30 March 1968

Avon River. Mona Vale can be seen in the background.

Flemings Mill weir

30 March 1968

The Flemings Mill weir on the Avon River. Mona Vale can be seen ...

Williams family


Rev Henry Williams and Winifred Williams (nee Thorpe) and their ...

33 Wiggins Street being constructed


Construction of 33 Wiggins Street, Sumner.

Papanui Road

1920 to 1960

A scene along Papanui Road from N# 410 towards Papanui.

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