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Christchurch Hospital nursing staff


Nursing staff of the Christchurch Hospital taken towards the end ...

Medbury School pet show

12 July 1985

Mathew Dabb with his dog, Buddy at the Medbury School pet show.

Medbury School pet show

12 July 1985

Tim McInnes with mother, Dianne, and his pets, Nimbus the cat, ...

Learning to sit

1 June 2018

A nine week old puppy learns to sit!

Bullock Team at Le Bons Bay

21 April 1953

View of a bullock team pulling farm equipment at Le Bons Bay on ...

Murray Thacker bullock team launching a boat

15 February 1967

View of the Murray Thacker Bullock team helping to launch a boat ...

Bullock team on the Banks Peninsula

17 February 1940

View of a farmer and children alongside a bullock team used for ...

Murray Thacker bullock team

8 April 1988

View of the Murray Thacker bullock team on the Banks Peninsula, ...

Murray Thacker bullock team

5 November 1962

View of the Murray Thacker bullock team during a parade being ...

Murray Thacker bullock team

5 November 1962

The Murray Thacker bullock team travelling through Cathedral ...

Hector's dolphins at Kaikoura

22 July 1989

View of Hector's dolphins playing off the bow of the Tohora just ...

Kea bird on a garden shed in Harewood

23 February 1985

Close-up of a Kea sat on the roof of a garden shed at a house on ...

Waxeye/Tau-hou birds

10 July 1985

View of waxeye birds feeding at a bird table outside a cottage ...

Horse in the Ocean View Hotel, Governors Bay

19 May 1973

View of Alex Bell sat on a horse at the bar inside the Ocean ...

Addington Raceway


View of Addington Raceway from the stands across the birdcage to ...

Dog watch duty at Canterbury Public Library

2 February 1982

Canterbury Public Library staff, Chris Grob and Bill Nagelkerke ...

Shirley Service Centre cat

20 January 1996

Librarian Barbara Reed and Peter the cat at Shirley Service ...

Gidget the pony at Trust Bank Canterbury's animal display

10 September 1990

Gidget the pony from Willowbank being fed by Margot and Alice ...

Hornby Mall Christmas donkey

20 December 1989

Rona-Renai Frogley shares her ice cream with a donkey at Hornby ...

Christmas the goat

24 December 1987

A child, Stephanie Croft, with Christmas the goat at ...

Aunt Hilda and Cousin Thea with lion cubs

3 October 1986

Aunt Hilda (left) and Cousin Thea of Starlets holding lion cubs, ...

Aunt Hilda with a black lamb

15 May 1981

Aunt Hilda of the Starlets with a black lamb.

Day trip to Akaroa with search & rescue dogs


Jan-Hai Iosefa holding two dogs on leads in Akaroa during a day ...

Christchurch West Lions Club donation to Red Cross

11 April 1991

Red Cross search dog unit dog Whizz and unit leader Nigel Walker ...

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