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Looking towards the Cathedral across the square

30 January 2019

On a very hot day, people walk across Cathedral Square . A ...

ChristChurch Cathedral

25 September 1990

ChristChurch Cathedral in Cathedral Square.

Colombo Street


Colombo Street looking south towards Cathedral Square a sign for ...

Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square.

Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square with ChristChurch Cathedral.

ChristChurch Cathedral

ChristChurch Cathedral.

Colombo Street

Looking north up Colombo Street towards Cathedral Square.

RNZAF plane in Cathedral Square

RNZAF plane in Cathedral Square.

Performer in Cathedral Square

Performer in Cathedral Square.

Cathedral Square steps

People sitting on steps outside the ChristChurch Cathedral.

ChristChurch Cathedral

25 September 1990

ChristChurch Cathedral.

Christchurch Cathedral Nativity

December 1984

Nativity play outside Christchurch Cathedral, 1984.

Nativity Christchurch Cathedral 1984

December 1984

Nativity Christchurch Cathedral 1984

ChristChurch Cathedral Nativity

December 1984

Nativity scene in ChristChurch Cathedral.

ChristChurch Cathedral Christmas 1984

December 1984

Nativity at ChristChurch Cathedral, Christmas 1984

Workmen on the Bank of New Zealand building

21 July 1966

Workmen warming themselves with fires on top of the BNZ ...

Brendan Kiesanowski painting the BNZ Officers' building

15 July 1985

Brendan Kiesanowski, on the top of the 11 storey Bank of New ...

Construction worker on the Bank of New Zealand building

13 January 1988

Craig Parsons, construction worker, on top of the Bank of New ...

Christchurch East students performing

13 December 1989

Christchurch East school students, Dellas Shirtcliffe and Tammy ...

Installation of Christmas lights on the Cathedral

6 December 1995

Luke Golemanov of the Abseiling Company, abseiling on the spire ...

ChristChurch Cathedral Christmas tree

9 December 1976

Geoff Hocken, the electrician for ChristChurch Cathedral, and ...

The ChristChurch Cathedral Christmas tree

2 December 1986

John Allen placing the star on the Christmas tree in the ...

Christmas the goat

24 December 1987

A child, Stephanie Croft, with Christmas the goat at ...

Christmas tree at ChristChurch Cathedral

23 December 1981

Two year old, Gavin Hussey examining the Christmas tree with a ...

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