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Christchurch Cathedral


Cathedral Square in early 1950s.


circa 2008

Looking from The Rendezvous Hotel as it was being built.

From Rendezvous Hotel

circa 2008

I worked on the Rendezvous Hotel and took many photos of old ...

Nativity scene outside Cathedral

8 December 2020

Nativity scene outside Cathedral.

New frontage on ChristChurch Cathedral

Friday 18 December 2020

New protective steel and photo of Rose Window.

Lime bike

9 December 2020

Lime Bike on Oxford Terrace looking towards the ChristChurch ...

Corner of Colombo Street and Armagh Street


View from the corner of Colombo Street and Armagh Street looking ...

Festival of Flowers, Cathedral Square

16 February 2003

"This photo was taken at the Festival of Flowers in 2003. Mum, ...

ChristChurch Cathedral from the air


View from an aeroplane of Cathedral Square and ChristChurch ...

Aerial view of Cathedral Square


Cathedral Square viewed from an aeroplane looking north west ...

Citizens War Memorial, Cathedral Square


Members of the Gopal family posing in front of the Citizens War ...

Entrance to ChristChurch Cathedral


Front entrance, featuring the rose window, of ChristChurch ...

Reinstatement works on the ChristChurch Cathedral

September 2020

"Can you imagine what is the future like in the next 10 years? ...

Betty Beecroft in Cathedral Square


Betty Beecroft nee Watkins posing outside ChristChurch Cathedral ...

Workers at ChristChurch Cathedral

3 July 2020

Work has started at Christchurch Cathedral.

A Room with a View

04 August 2020

Restoring the Chirst Church Cathedral.

Cathedral Cenotaph

6 May 2020

This statue is the first thing I remember seeing when I first ...


6 May 2020

Ten years and waiting.

Cathedral Square on Lock down Announcement Day

23 March 2020

Cathedral Square, 30 minutes prior to Prime Minister, Jacinda ...

ChristChurch Cathedral and Godley Statue

23 July 2016

View from Cathedral Square of what remains of ChristChurch ...

The Chalice, Cathedral Square


View of the Chalice from a plant box in cathedral square. Spark ...

Pigeons in the Cathedral


Taken from standing on a rubbish bin looking into the earthquake ...

The Cathedral


Taken on the fourth floor of TÅ«ranga, looking into the ...

Pigeons living on the Cathedral

17th March 2020

The Wall of the Cathedral hosts hundreds of Pigeons after the ...

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