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Whitebait nets in the Avon

7 October 1972

Whitebaiters with nets in the Avon River in the vicinity of ...

Whitebait net

29 August 1940

A whitebaiter using a net to catch whitebait in the Avon River.

Whitebaiting on the Avon River

Circa 1940s

Whitebaiting on the Avon River towards the Estuary.

Ferrier Fountain

23 March 1978

The Ferrier Fountain in Victoria Square looking across the Avon ...

View from the Ramada Hotel

1 December 1973

View of Victoria Square and Victoria Street from the Ramada ...

Town Hall fountain construction

2 June 1972

Construction of the Town Hall fountain, the Ferrier Fountain, ...

Worcester Street bridge and fountains

2 February 1971

Five fountains (originally from the 1968 Pan-Pacific Arts ...

Portable fountain in Avon River

19 January 1965

Demonstration of a portable fountain in the Avon River between ...

Nuclear Disarmament lanterns

6 August 1976

Children from the Quaker School with lanterns for the Nuclear ...

Christchurch Star offices

14 January 1960

View of Christchurch Star offices on Kilmore Street seen from ...

Ilam Gardens

24 October 1966

Visitors walk along the bank of the Avon River at Ilam Gardens.

Cashel Street Bridge, Christchurch, N. Z.


Sepia postcard showing group of children on mown river bank near ...

Protest raft on the Avon River

8 November 1981

Robin Buxton, a member of the Friends of the Adolescent Unit, in ...

Heavy vehicle detour signs

13 July 1966

Heavy vehicle detour signs on Madras Street bridge in front of ...

Punting on the Avon River

29 August 2015.

Punting on the Avon River.

Closure of Manchester Street bridge

2 April 1962

A traffic officer at the closed Manchester Street bridge over ...

Botanical Gardens bridge

14 May 1973

The nearly completed bridge crossing the Avon River between ...

Helmores Lane bridge

15 January 1975

N. Rudkin and her daughter, Kate Rudkin, on the Helmores Lane ...

South Brighton bridge

20 May 1975

The South Brighton bridge which crosses the estuary near the ...

Construction of the Durham Street South bridge

11 October 1976

Construction of the bridge crossing the Avon River and linking ...

Victoria Street bridge renovation

28 April 1977

View during the renovation of the Victoria Street bridge in ...

Medway Street footbridge

9 August 1977

View of the wooden Medway Street footbridge over the Avon River ...

Worcester Street bridge

9 August 1977

View of the Worcester Street bridge looking towards Oxford ...

Damage to the Armagh Street bridge railings

13 September 1977

Damaged iron railings on the Armagh Street bridge after two cars ...

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