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Mike Kerrigan evading a tackle at Sydenham Showgrounds

13 July 1985

Mike Kerrigan evading a tackle at Sydenham Showgrounds during a ...

Floral dance in Cathedral Square.

30 June 1979

Children partaking in a floral dance in Cathedral Square.

Children dancing in Cathedral Square

6 July 1979

Children dancing in Cathedral Square to the music of the New ...

Students wrecking a car

22 June 1983

Christchurch Boys High pupils, Duncan McLeod, Royden Mauger, ...

Alan Dale and Tracey Pearson

31 August 1990

Alan Dale and Tracey Pearson in a punt on the Avon River. ...

Deep Freeze team at Telethon

1 July 1981

Matthew Whiting on a sledge brought by Deep Freeze personnel to ...

Offloading sheep dog and volunteers for Operation Snow

July 1992

Flight Sergeant Bray helps to offload sheep dogs and volunteers ...

Iroquois helicopter at Fairlie Hotel

July 1992

An Air Force Iroquois outside the snow covered Fairlie Hotel.

Festival Italiano at Park Royal Hotel

16 April 1991

Park Royal Hotel chefs, Thierry Jacoby, Enzo Potami, and Graeme ...

Firefighter training at Blue Skies camp

1 October 1984

Senior rescue firefighter, Henry Waitoa sprays foam on to ...

Rochelle Evans at "Have a Go" Day

25 August 1980

Rochelle Evans tries out a firefighter's hose with assistance ...

Chris Anderson with breathing apparatus

3 November 1980

Chris Anderson of Linwood Avenue School tries out a ...

New Zealand Foreign Legion recruits

2 November 1985

Recruits of the New Zealand Foreign Legion, a youth training ...

Lunches for Air New Zealand passengers

1 August 1988

Air New Zealand cook, Russell Dickins, deocrating lunches for ...

Waitangi Day at Okains Bay museum

6 February 1994

Audience in the grounds of Okains Bay Museum on Waitangi Day.

Bertie Sutton


"Bertie Sutton in his tram drivers uniform. Taken at 11 Butler ...

Kingsford Smith & Sumner school


Margery Tait (9 years) presenting roll with names of girls of ...

Colin Penney at Sumner, 1920


Colin Penney at Sumner, 1920

Colleen Clinton & Alice White


Colleen Clinton (left) & Alice White (right) crossing Rolleston ...

New bus drivers' uniforms

4 June 1975

Norm Davis in the new bus driver's uniform, Charlie Morton in ...

Christchurch Transport Board uniforms

23 May 1988

Noel Carlisle and Anne Winder of the Christchurch Transport ...

Salvation Army uniforms

2 February 1987

Barbara Davis with the old Salvation Army uniform for women and ...

The new Westpac uniforms

13 June 1983

Staff modelling the new Westpac staff wardrobe with various ...

The new Bank of New Zealand uniforms

23 January 1974

Gail Smith (left), Kate Slowey and Adrienne Berrett in the new ...

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