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Fence decorated for ANZAC Day

25 April 2020

Fence along Aorangi Road decorated with poppies and flags for ...

Takik-Courtship Dance

March 2016

Cordillera Administrative Region NZ Dance Troupe performing ...

Flag of the Philippines

17 May 2020

Yvaine Betito, 9 makes a Philippine Flag to celebrate the ...

Kalinga costumes

17 May 2020

Siblings Yvaine and Elijah Betito celebrate their cultural roots ...

Philippine Independence Day

12 June 2019

Filipino staff at Ilam Arvida Retirement and Care.

Celebrating Philippine Independence Day at Ilam Arvida Retirement and Care

12 June 2019

Filipino staff wearing the Philippine national costumes during ...

Anzac Day

25 April 2020

Seen on our bubble walk. The sign reads "Lest We Forget".

Window to celebrate ANZAC day

23 April 2020

Window decorated in house on Jennifer Street to celebrate ANZAC ...

Messages of Hope


The flags of hope in the Cathedral Square, after the one year ...

The Towers

8 February 1986

Exterior of the Towers motel at 7 Kilmarnock Street on the ...

Tug Lyttelton

19 January 2020

The historic steam tug Lyttelton on her first Sunday sailing ...

Fort Jervois, Ripa Island

13 February 1976

View of Fort Jervois, Ripapa Island just off the Banks Peninsula ...

Sir George Manning on St David's Day

1 March 1968

Mayor, George Manning, with the Welsh flag outside the City ...

Flag burning at Waitangi Day

9 February 1988

A protester burns the New Zealand flag at Okains Bay Waitangi ...

Flags outside the Commonwealth Games Village


Flags outside the Commonwealth Games Village in Ilam. Canterbury ...

Flags in the Christchurch Cathedral

10 April 2009

Flags in the Christchurch Cathedral.

St Albans Primary School Olympic Games

20 September 1988

A group of children participating in the Olympic Games at St ...

Cathedral Square crowd


View of a large crowd gathered in Cathedral Square. Amongst the ...

Moody New Brighton sky

August 2018

Moody New Brighton sky with a tattered Aotearoa flag fluttering ...

Anzac Day dawn service in Cathedral Square

27 April 1994

Petty officer cadet Cory Hodson standing in rest-on-arms reverse ...

Meadow Fresh car

Circa 1990s

Meadow Fresh branded car, with a carton on top, for a Variety ...

National savings weekly quota

16 December 1941

L. J Gillespire and J. L Hay hoisting a flag on the corner of ...

Christmas tree in ChristChurch Cathedral

6 December 1983

A group of people rescuing the Christmas tree in ChristChurch ...

Christchurch Town Hall

22 February 2019

Christchurch Town Hall the night before opening for the public ...

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