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Cranmer Courts apartments

21 December 1982

Interior view of a dining area looking through to a kitchen in ...

The King George Hotel

14 December 1982

The King George Hotel on the north eastern corner of Madras and ...

The King George Hotel

12 February 1983

The King George Hotel on the north eastern corner of Madras and ...

The Valley Inn

14 December 1982

The Valley Inn, Heathcote.

Santa Claus

24 December 1982

Santa Claus holding a comb and scissors and surrounded by ...

Inspection of damaged lines

21 December 1982

Municipal Electricity Department engineering officer, Brian ...

Hail damaged crops

8 December 1982

Market gardener, John Medley, of Prestons Road, with hail ...

Barkers Wines of Geraldine

4 December 1982

Two woman are offered samples of drink at Barkers Wines, ...

Keri Price with Christmas presents

15 December 1982

A child, Keri Price, holding Christmas presents including a DIC ...

The Star wishing well Christmas donations

4 December 1982

Tania and Brent Clough with toys at The Star wishing well. The ...

James LeCouteur in a toy car

15 December 1982

James LeCouteur sitting in a toy car with Christmas shopping in ...

Christmas shopping on High Street

18 December 1982

View of crowds of shoppers along High Street including families. ...

Starlets Christmas Party at Christchurch Town Hall

4 December 1982

Large group of adults and children stood beneath a Merry ...

Children at Starlets party

20 December 1982

Children at the Starlets Christmas party at Christchurch Town ...

Piper at Starlets Christmas party

14 December 1982

Policeman playing bagpipes at the Starlets Christmas Party at ...

Christchurch Town Hall Restaurant

14 December 1982

A group of people gathered around a Christmas smorgasbord lunch ...

Heather Guthrie with an "Elizabeth" spinning wheel

18 December 1982

Heather Guthrie, sister of Richard Ashford who is the owner of ...

Drive World at QEII Park

11 December 1982

Michael Norris, age 4, learning to drive an excavator digger at ...

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