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Looking over the Heathcote River towards Thackers Quay

7 April 2018

Looking over the Heathcote River towards Thackers Quay, Woolston ...

Damage to indoor tennis complex

20 January 1988

Dany Whiting standing on top of collapsed panels of an indoor ...

Bridge on the Heathcote River

Circa 1960s

Bridge over the Heathcote River in Opawa looking towards the ...

Cutting weeds on the Heathcote River

Circa 1960s

A boat cutting weeds on the Heathcote River.

Clearing weeds on the Heathcote River

19 June 1940

A boat clearing the weeds from the Heathcote River looking ...

Coffer dam on the Heathcote River

13 September 1962

View of a coffer dam being built on the Heathcote River.

Houses on Waimea Terrace

28 April 1982

Houses on Waimea Terrace with the Heathcote River in the ...

Collapsing banks along the Heathcote River

18 September 1990

Barbara Anderson, a Woolston resident, at the Radley Street ...

Heathcote River flooded

29 September 1980

Flooding of the Heathcote River on Clarendon Terrace.

Heathcote River bridge

11 April 1961

View of the bridge over the Heathcote River estuary under low ...

Aerial view of Huntsbury Downs

15 October 1966

Aerial view of Huntsbury Down subdivision during development at ...

Flooded land near Ferrymead

19 July 1977

Flooded site of proposed housing development near Ferrymead.

Aerial view of Woolston

Circa 1975

Aerial view of Woolston with the Heathcote River running through ...

Flooding on the banks of the Heathcote River

5 January 1980

Damaged tree and flooding on the banks of the Heathcote River.

Flooding on Eastern Terrace

26 November 1986

Charles Brown, accompanied by Kodak, bikes through flooded ...

Jetboat on flooded Clarendon Terrace

3 January 1980

Jetboat on flooded Clarendon Terrace.

Sandbagging the bed of the Heathcote River

12 February 1942

Two men in the Heathcote River sandbagging the riverbed in ...

Laying of a new water main

11 February 1942

View of workers laying a new water main under Western Terrace at ...

Flooding on Richardson Terrace

8 June 1968

Council traffic patrol car drives through Richardson Terrace in ...

Richardson Terrace and Clarendon Terrace under flood

27 August 1976

The Heathcote River floods Richardson Terrace and Clarendon ...

House on the outskirts of central Halswell

5 April 2015

Exterior of a house on the outskirts of central Halswell with ...

Work on the new Spreydon bowling green

20 March 1971

Men constructing a retaining wall along the banks of the ...

View along Tunnel Road towards the Port Hills

1 February 2018

Taken from the roundabout intersecting Ferry Road, Dyers Road ...

Ernle Clark Reserve

17 March 2018

Heathcote River, Ernle Clark Reserve

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