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Sixty-six sheep?

24 January 2020

Flock of sheep seen sauntering in single file across a steep ...

Best Friends

1 September 2021

Little lambs playing together on the first day of spring.

Spring Lamb

2 September 2021

A skipping spring lamb beautifully captured by Leanne Buchan ...

Escape route for sheep trapped in snow

15 July 1992

A route ploughed through the snow helps sheep reach lower ground ...

Feeding sheep after snowfall

14 October 1987

Sheep gathering around a hay bale to feed after heavy snowfall.


24 April 2020

Sheep grazing at Halswell Quarry.

Tram on High Street

23 July 2016

The Christchurch Tramways tram at the end of the line on High ...

Proud mother sheep inspects her lamb on the Port Hills during snow

10 August 2008

Proud mother sheep inspects her lamb on the Port Hills during ...

A snowy encounter with a relatively newly born lamb on the Port Hills

10 August 2008

A snowy encounter with a relatively newly born lamb on the Port ...

Sheep bollard in the city

26 October 2014

These colorful, plastic sheep bollards popped up in the city. ...

Acrobatics on sheep sculptures during FESTA

25 October 2014

I happened to spot some friends who then decided to do some ...

Pigeon Bay in the 1980s


Pigeon Bay in the 1980s.

Aunt Hilda with a black lamb

15 May 1981

Aunt Hilda of the Starlets with a black lamb.

View over the Estuary

circa 1970s

View from the hills behind Redcliffs across the Estuary towards ...

Sheep character


Hay's Christmas parade

Albert the sheep in a bath

25 February 1984

Mrs Rosemary Halloumis giving her pet sheep, Albert, a bath at ...

Sheep art installation on High Street

22 February 2016

Sheep art installation on High Street, looking towards Cashel ...

Sheep and cattle graze in the site of the Hagley Golf course


The Hagley Golf Club, formed in 1904, had the use of 64 acres of ...

Stuffed ram on top of a Mrs Popes knitting wool van

15 March 1991

Mike Baddeley, Marketing Manager for Mrs Popes, next to a ...

Sheep being herded towards Cathedral Square

9 March 1995

Sheep being herded down Worcester Street and followed by crowds ...

Meadow Fresh float

Circa 1990s

A ram mascot for Meadow Fresh stood on a branded float with ...

Children at the "City Farmyard" at Addington Show grounds

25 September 1985

Vicki Blatchford of Christchurch Girls' High Young Farmers Club, ...

Blade shearing at the Waimairi Vintage Country Fair 78

21 February 1978

Demonstration of a sheep shearing using the old fashioned blade ...

Sheep sheering Agrodome Act

12 October 1985

The Agrodome's Show business sheep on stage with audience in the ...

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