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Christmas cake

26 October 1976

Close-up of a large Christmas cake on a table with Christmas ...

ChristChurch Cathedral Christmas tree

9 December 1976

Geoff Hocken, the electrician for ChristChurch Cathedral, and ...

The new Christmas bike

30 December 1976

My older brother teaching our niece to ride the new bike she got ...

Underfloor lathe at Addington workshops

25 February 1976

Two men at the Addington Railway Workshops stood beneath a train ...

Aerial view of Parklands under development

6 May 1976

Aerial view of Parklands under development looking towards QEII ...

Aerial view of Parklands

6 May 1976

Aerial view of Parklands, showing the site of Parklands School ...

Queenspark Estate, Parklands

5 August 1976

View along Queenspark Drive on the Queenspark Estate during the ...

Auctioning of sections for Huntsbury Downs

13 October 1976

Crowds of people gathered for the auctioning of sections on ...

Site of a new suburb, Westmorland

22 May 1976

Auctioneer, Eric Robertson stood next to a sign on Worsley's ...

A plastic house on Richmond Hill

17 August 1976

A plastic house on Richmond Hill named "Greensleeves" by its ...

Hop scotch world record attempt

25 August 1976

Branston Intermediate School students, (from left) Frank Stace, ...

Clown John at Starlets party

4 December 1976

Clown John greeting children at the Starlets party at ...

Dunstable House issued pennies

12 August 1976

Close-up of privately issued pennies of Dunstable House. ...

Ferry Road Government houses

15 May 1976

Exterior of government built houses on Ferry Road in Woolston.

Botanic Gardens paddling pool

27 December 1976

Children and families enjoying the paddling pool at the ...

Roundabout at Botanic Gardens playground

27 December 1976

Children playing on the playground at the Botanic Gardens.

Canterbury Museum

May 1976

This photo shows the Rolleston Avenue frontage and main entrance ...

Syril Cron cleaning boots

24 January 1976

Syril Cron cleaning the boots of his New Brighton marching team.

Travelfar Coaching team at Porrit Park

27 November 1976

Travelfar Coaching team at Canterbury Marching Centre ...

Jackie Sibley, marching team leader, with medals

13 February 1976

Jackie Sibley, marching team leader, with medals.

Retaining wall slipping onto home, Redcliffs

28 August 1976

Looking down onto a retaining wall that has slipped onto the ...

Eroding clay banks in Charteris Bay

18 September 1976

View of an eroding clay bank leaving debris along a private ...

A collapsed bank beneath a house

18 September 1976

View of a collapsed bank beneath the holiday home of surgeon, ...

Marshland market gardener

4 December 1976

Laurence Trott, market gardener, with a display of tomatoes at ...

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