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Davis Gelatine processing plant

20 September 1976

Interior of the new Davis Gelatine processing plant on Connal ...

Cutting turf to make instant lawn

17 January 1976

Cutting turf to make instant lawn for Canterbury Turf Laying Co ...

General Foods showroom, Blenheim Road

20 October 1976

Units on display at the General Foods showroom, Blenheim Road.

Aalt Verkerk

30 August 1976

Aalt Verkerk with meat products.

Harold Fletcher

30 August 1976

Harold Fletcher of Percy's Meat Market with his limited supply ...

Jan Harper

15 March 1976

Jan Harper, the South Island's only female butcher.

The former university quadrangle

28 February 1976

The quadrangle at the former University of Canterbury building, ...

Penguins in the snow

21 June 1976

Kim Collier with taxidermied penguins on the Avon River bank in ...

CMW Industries employees

15 April 1976

Employees of CMW Industries on Montreal Street which makes ...

International Sports Co (NZ) Ltd plant, Woolston

17 March 1976

Joy McAlister examining golf balls at the International Sports ...

Jaycees in TV 2's dubbing suite

5 October 1976

John Lammon, Peter Goldsmith and Bernie Griffin in TV2's dubbing ...

Centennial celebration for Christchurch Druids

4 May 1976

Cyril Atkinson with the Druids Friendly Society centennial ...

Commercial development site, Peterborough Street

11 June 1976

A crane lifting a concrete slab into position on a commercial ...

Canterbury Timber Stockpile Company yard

31 July 1976

Canterbury Timber Stockpile Company yard at Harewood.

Pine forest clearance at Victoria Park

27 November 1976

Clearing of pine forest at Victoria Park.

Boating on the Waimakariri River

9 March 1976

View of people boating on the Waimakariri River.

Waimakariri River rafting excursion

17 February 1976

Paul Yeo, Jill Overeem, Lynn Surgenor and Tricia Hewett stop for ...

Throwing snowballs

21 June 1976

Children with a wheel barrow full of snow throwing snowballs at ...

Nurse reunion

14 January 1976

Reunion of nurses who started their training together at ...

Dorothy Croucher in the mobile library

29 May 1976

A library customer, Dorothy Croucher, collecting books during a ...

Jackie Smelson of Canterbury Savings Bank

3 May 1976

Jackie Smelson a teller at Canterbury Savings Bank, with mayor ...

Christmas cake

26 October 1976

Close-up of a large Christmas cake on a table with Christmas ...

ChristChurch Cathedral Christmas tree

9 December 1976

Geoff Hocken, the electrician for ChristChurch Cathedral, and ...

The new Christmas bike

30 December 1976

My older brother teaching our niece to ride the new bike she got ...

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