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Fa'atalale, Filoitumua and visiting aunty from Samoa


Fa'atalale, Filoitumua and a visiting aunty from Samoa in a flat ...

Papanui Primary School class


Class photograph of Room 10 students at Papanui Primary School.

Old time dance for elderly

16 October 1976

Scenes of dancers at an old time dance event for the elderly at ...

Afternoon tea for elderly

31 March 1976

A large afternoon tea event for older adults inside a hanger at ...

Carlton Cellars and Canterbury Fried Chicken

3 September 1976

Exterior of Carlton Cellars and Canterbury Fried Chicken at 23 ...

Environmental Centre

3 December 1976

The Environmental Centre in the former University of Canterbury ...

Dave Boyes and brick making kiln

22 May 1976

Dave Boyes with his brick making kiln at the family brickworks ...

Driving a battery powered car

3 March 1976

Battery powered Enfield car produced by Amalgamated Batteries ...

Battery powered Enfield car

3 March 1976

A battery powered Enfield car at Amalgamated Batteries Limited, ...

University designed electric vehicle

18 November 1976

Battery powered vehicle designed by the University of ...

Lyttelton port Clark van carrier

23 September 1976

A Clark van carrier at Lyttelton Harbour shortly after being ...

Clown model at A and P Show

12 November 1976

Michael Dulieu with a clown model at the Agricultural and ...

Fort Jervois, Ripa Island

13 February 1976

View of Fort Jervois, Ripapa Island just off the Banks Peninsula ...

Pom-pom gun, Fort Jervois

31 January 1976

Pom-pom gun at Fort Jervois, Ripapa Island.

Fort Jervois, Ripapa Island

13 February 1976

View of Fort Jervois, Ripapa Island just off the Banks Peninsula ...

Balloons for Hiroshima Day

6 August 1976

People releasing balloons for Hiroshima Day in Cathedral Square.

Ferris Wheel ride at Labour Day picnic

26 October 1976

Children on the Ferris wheel at the Labour Day picnic in Linwood ...

Dutch Abraham pastry

30 November 1976

Andre Hopman with a Dutch Abraham pastry called a speculaas, on ...

Pancake race contestant

14 April 1976

View of a New Brighton Shrove Tuesday pancake race contestant.

Nuclear Disarmament lanterns

6 August 1976

Children from the Quaker School with lanterns for the Nuclear ...

Teachers College student protest

4 May 1976

Christchurch Teachers College students in Cathedral Square ...

University of Canterbury creche

9 February 1976

Construction of the creche at the University of Canterbury.

Old tramsheds

17 November 1976

The interior of the old tramsheds at the corner of Moorhouse ...

Christchurch Transport Board workshops

17 July 1976

The Christchurch Transport Board workshops.

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