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Boy with a horse

1905 to 1908

Young lad poses with a draught horse. Thought to be on Banks ...

Cliff view on Banks Peninsula


Cliff view of somewhere on Banks Peninsula.

Port Hills

1919 to 1920

A couple standing on top of a rock on the Port Hills. Quail ...

Building a sea wall at Little Akaloa

25 August 1979

Unemployed youth building the sea wall at Little Akaloa as part ...

New Zealand Foreign Legion recruits

2 November 1985

Recruits of the New Zealand Foreign Legion, a youth training ...

Waitangi Day at Okains Bay museum

6 February 1994

Audience in the grounds of Okains Bay Museum on Waitangi Day.

Cruise ship in Akaroa

8 April 2017

A cruise ship anchored in Akaroa Harbour.

Little Akaloa


Little Akaloa, taken from from my friend, Lois’ central ...

Railway line anti-tank barrier

4 January 2021

According to Ian Hill of the Department of Conservation, this ...

Anti-tank railway barrier

4 January 2021

According to Ian Hill of the Department of Conservation, this ...

Walking group at Otanerito

November 1994

"'The polyprop line up.' Ann Marie Tweedy - a leader of walking ...

Little Akaloa, Banks Peninsula


"Little Akaloa, Banks Peninsula, a favourite summer holiday ...

Children at Diamond Harbour 1950s


"Helen, Anne, John Hurley [at] Diamond Harbour" - Contributor's ...

Rapaki & Church Bay 1960s


View from the Summit Road looking towards Rapaki and across to ...

Governors Bay 1960's


View of Governors bay from Dyers Pass Road.

Rangatira leaving Lyttelton


The interisland ferry, the Rangatira leaving Lyttelton Harbour ...

View from the Packhorse Hut

30 May 2020

View towards Governors Bay and the Port Hills from the Sign of ...

Packhorse Hut

30 May 2020

View of the Sign of the Packhorse Hut in Ataahua on the Banks ...

Former school hall in Akaroa

4 August 1979

Exterior of a former convent and school hall in Akaroa, shortly ...

Lyttelton - corner of London and Canterbury Streets

5 September 2007

Corner of London and Canterbury Streets, looking out over the ...

View from the Sign of the Bellbird

12 November 2007

Sign of the Bellbird, originally developed in 1914 by Harry Ell ...

Gaiety Theatre, Akaroa

17 January 2020

The Gaiety, Rue Jolie, Akaroa.

Blacksmith's shop in Orton Bradley Park

September 2019

Blacksmith's forge in Orton Bradley Park at Charteris Bay.

Darra remains, Quail Island

5 July 1975

The remains of a coal hulk, Darra, at Quail Island.

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