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J. Turnbull with a fraction collector

22 August 1973

J. Turnbull with a fraction collector at the New Zealand ...

Pharmacist Neville Bullock with a F5 3310 computer

7 October 1982

Neville Bullock, a pharmacist at Shirley Pharmacy at 12 ...

Geoff Toy of Boots Chemist

6 August 1988

Geoff Toy, retiring manager of Boots the Chemists at 748 Colombo ...

Government Life building master clock unit

24 August 1971

Electricians Murray Sanders (left) and Gregory Watts installing ...

Bob Brown's Hi-Fi store

26 March 1980

The interior of Bob Brown's Hi-Fi store at 208 High Street.

McSherry and Neale, electrical specialists

14 October 1983

Televisions for sale at McSherry and Neale at 290 Wairakei Road.

Ministry of Works and Development auction

18 November 1977

Mr George Avant, storekeeper at the Ministry of Works and ...

Film equipment auction

26 June 1990

Noel Kennard with a 35mm Arriflex movie camera, used by his ...

Ministry of Transport traffic control centre

6 November 1973

David Haley operating the control panel of the Ministry of ...

Traffic control centre, Tuam Street

18 October 1980

The computer area of the traffic control centre at the civic ...

Kevin Low with electronic petrol pump

5 June 1980

Production Engineering Systems designer, Kevin Low, ...

Ministry of Transport traffic control centre

6 December 1975

John Bryce (left), Dave Haley and chief traffic officer, Ian ...

Traffic control centre and computer

1 August 1975

View of the inner city traffic control centre. To the left is ...

Government Life building clock

18 July 1964

View of the digital clock on top of the Government Life building ...

Government Life Building heating and air conditioning centre

17 July 1964

Workmen checking the heating and air conditioning centre at the ...

Production of promotional video for Christchurch

18 December 1990

John Denton (centre), film editor at Orly Productions with two ...

Municipal Electricity Department control room

Circa 1940s

A man stood in the control room of the Municipal Electricity ...

Fluoridation plant, Jeffreys Road

14 March 1970

View of the feeder hopper where the fluoride is added to the ...

Fluoridation plant, Jeffreys Road

16 September 1965

A. Hardaker, a pumping station attendant, recharging the feeder ...

OPAC system at Canterbury Public Library

19 June 1989

Sir Hamish Hay, Mayor of Christchurch, with systems librarian ...

Debut of Libraryline at Canterbury Public Library

25 May 1983

Ainslie Dewe, assistant librarian with the Libraryline computer ...

Shoe manufacturing

20 August 1980

An automatic combination back part moulding and seat lasting ...

Computerised stitching at Vinnell Shoes

14 April 1989

Salesman Noel McGregor with a computerised stitching machine at ...


21 October 1982

A woman withdrawing cash from an Autobank / Automatic Teller ...

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