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Athletes and cameras at QEII Park


Athletes on the track at an athletics meeting prior to the 1974 ...

Life in the 1990's


"Here is my husband David Gibson, relaxing in the lounge with ...

Kilmore Street fire station switchboard

27 September 1965

Operators at the electronic switchboard at the Central Fire ...

Testing a television chassis

17 August 1961

M. Bryant testing television chassis on an oscilloscope before ...

Weaving machine, Millers Limited display at the Industries Fair

19 August 1971

A weaving machine at the Millers Limited display at the ...

Millers Limited exhibition at the Industries Fair

30 August 1971

E. Carlton operates an automatic loom at the Millers Limited ...

Angus Tait of Tait Electronics

12 March 1987

Angus Tait, managing director of Tait Electronics with the ...

Court Theatre lighting system

11 July 1981

Chris Allen operating the lighting system at the Court Theatre ...

Marlin computer in operation

14 January 1985

Marlin, a marine loading indicator computer in operation amongst ...

Centrum 1000 turret punch press

7 May 1984

Centrum 1000 turret punch press at Fielden and Sons Limited.

Addington Totalisator

26 May 1958

A worker with technical equipment at the Addington totalisator.

TAB electronic equipment demonstration

8 May 1947

Demonstration of an electronic ticket issuing machine and ...

Teachers College mobile television unit

26 November 1975

S.R. Gerrand demonstrating the interior of the mobile television ...

Teachers College mobile television unit

26 November 1975

View of S. R. Gerrand on top of the newly purchased mobile ...

J. Turnbull with a fraction collector

22 August 1973

J. Turnbull with a fraction collector at the New Zealand ...

Pharmacist Neville Bullock with a F5 3310 computer

7 October 1982

Neville Bullock, a pharmacist at Shirley Pharmacy at 12 ...

Geoff Toy of Boots Chemist

6 August 1988

Geoff Toy, retiring manager of Boots the Chemists at 748 Colombo ...

Government Life building master clock unit

24 August 1971

Electricians Murray Sanders (left) and Gregory Watts installing ...

Bob Brown's Hi-Fi store

26 March 1980

The interior of Bob Brown's Hi-Fi store at 208 High Street.

McSherry and Neale, electrical specialists

14 October 1983

Televisions for sale at McSherry and Neale at 290 Wairakei Road.

Ministry of Works and Development auction

18 November 1977

Mr George Avant, storekeeper at the Ministry of Works and ...

Film equipment auction

26 June 1990

Noel Kennard with a 35mm Arriflex movie camera, used by his ...

Ministry of Transport traffic control centre

6 November 1973

David Haley operating the control panel of the Ministry of ...

Traffic control centre, Tuam Street

18 October 1980

The computer area of the traffic control centre at the civic ...

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