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Stranded yacht on New Brighton Beach

2 October 2018

View of a stranded yacht on New Brighton Beach.

Twilight Fair at New Brighton on Guy Fawkes

5 November 2013

View from New Brighton Pier of crowds gathered at the twilight ...

Sunbathing on Akaroa beach

30 January 1963

"My mother at Akaroa beach - before the housing boom." - ...

Day at the Beach, New Brighton


A family stood on New Brighton Beach with the New Brighton War ...

New Brighton Pier

August 2018

A foggy morning down by the New Brighton Pier.

Storm arriving at New Brighton beach


View from the sand dunes at New Brighton beach looking towards ...

Summer fun with cousins, Cave Rock, Sumner


A group of cousins sat on Cave Rock at Sumner near the beach ...

Beached yacht at New Brighton beach

29 September 2018

"At New Brighton beach this yacht has been stranded there for a ...

Surfing girls rest

August 2018

A surfer next to her surfboard on Sumner beach with views across ...

Waimairi beach

24 January 2018

View of a sunrise over Waimairi beach with an adult and child ...

Cave Rock, Sumner

August 2018

Sunset over Cave Rock looking north west along Sumner beach ...

New Brighton Beach sunrise

July 2017

"New Brighton beach sunrise, taken July 2017 with a Huawei P9." ...

Kathleen and Amanda at Sumner Beach


"Kathleen Henderson and daughter Amanda enjoying Sumner Beach. ...

A day at Akaroa beach

January 1970

"Friends and their families enjoy a day at Akaroa, January 1970. ...

Sumner beach

10 July 2018

A sunny winter's day at Sumner.

View of Taylor's Mistake and coastline

circa 1970s

View from Godley Head Park back towards Taylor's Mistake and ...

Fishing at Taylor's Mistake

circa 1970s

Several people along the beach at Taylor's Mistake fishing from ...

Looking from Redcliffs out to Shag Rock

circa 1970s

View from Redcliffs looking across Moncks Bay and across to Shag ...

Powerboats in the Estuary

circa 1980s

A large group of people on the beach at Pleasant Point at South ...

View towards Southshore

circa 1970s

View from the hill at Clifton towards South Beach and Southshore ...

View from Scarborough Hill of Sumner beach

circa 1980s

View from Scarborough Hill of Sumner beach and Cave Rock and on ...

View across to Southshore and New Brighton

circa 1970s

View from Sumner of Sumner Beach, Cave Rock and towards ...

Junior Surf Life Saving at Taylors Mistake

28 January 2018

Three sisters at a Sunday morning Junior Surf Life Saving ...

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