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Cave Rock, Sumner

Circa 1963-4

View of Cave Rock and Sumner Beach taken from Clifton.

Ping pong ball drop at New Brighton beach

1 February 1975

People on New Brighton Beach participating in a ping pong ball ...

Sand castle competition at New Brighton Beach

1 March 1982

Darren and Travis Gilbertson with Pluto sandsculpture on New ...

New Brighton's New Year carnival

28 December 1971

Mark Simmons and Maxine Dowber build a sand sculpture on New ...

Sea threatening the Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club

29 August 1986

Rhys Kempen atop rubbish bin as the tide washes in near the base ...

Operation Clean-up

19 November 1966

New Brighton scouts and helpers cleaning the beach in Operation ...

Tern Street signpost on New Brighton beach

7 October 1970

Sign post on New Brighton beach indicating where Tern Street ...

Baches at Taylors Mistake

9 October 1985

Baches at Taylors Mistake, with the beach carpark in the ...

Rips at Waimairi Beach

24 December 1979

Aerial view of Waimairi Beach, showing rips.

Foreshore - South Brighton to Waimari

28 November 1970

Driftwood on the beach between South Brighton and Waimairi.

Woodend Beach

27 December 1980

Woodend Beach looking south towards Banks Peninsula.

New Brighton pier and swings

24 August 1963

A swingset on New Brighton beach. Behind is New Brighton pier.

Rips at Spencer Park

24 December 1979

Aerial view of Spencer Park beach showing where the rip is.

Rips at North Beach

24 December 1979

Aerial view of North Beach showing the dangerous places to swim.

Sumner after the sea broke through in 1953

22 April 1958

Damage to seawall at Sumner.

March Construction hauling up the Sumner pier piles

6 November 1980

March Construction machinery using a vibrahammer extractor to ...

Vanishing sandhills at Sumner

15 November 1977

Sandhills at Sumner, showing the effect of tidal erosion.

Erosion of Sumner Surf Club car park

21 February 1980

Council workers building a rockwall to prevent further erosion ...

View of the Avon-Heathcote estuary from Sumner

19 December 1973

View of the Avon-Heathcote estuary from Sumner, showing Sumner ...

View of Sumner from Clifton

31 August 1954

View from Clifton showing Sumner beach, Cave Rock, houses in ...

Lifeguards at Sumner Beach

3 January 1968

Lifeguards putting up flags marking the zone in which it is safe ...

Crowds on the foreshore in Sumner

8 February 1965

Crowds on the foreshore of Sumner. Cars are parked along the ...

Morning beach scene at Sumner

28 March 1967

Two horse riders and a dog make their way along the beach in ...

Dangerous currents at Sumner beaches

24 December 1979

An aerial view of Sumner beaches with dangers and patrol areas ...

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