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Brighton Beach. Christchurch.


From Beautiful Christchurch - a set of postcards containing 8 ...

Annie Watts and her daughter-in-law Jean on New Brighton Beach


New Brighton beach, Annie Watts (with sunshade) and her ...

The Clarkson family at Sumner Beach, 1902 or 3


The family of Annie & Emerson Clarkson and some friends by the ...

Picnic at New Brighton beach


These were the days when you "dressed" to have a picnic at New ...

Corsair Bay, Aschoff family, 1930s

circa 1930.

Corsair Bay around 1930.

Going to the beach


Going to the beach - 1915. A bit blurry but a classic photo with ...

Swimming in Corsair Bay, 1915


Swimming in Corsair Bay around 1915 with Diamond Harbour in the ...

Bob and Mary Gilroy, New Brighton beach


This photo was taken in the late 1930's and is my Dad, Bob ...

Having fun at Kairaki Beach


The two in the middle are my uncle Ian Featherstone and next to ...

South Brighton School Trip to the Beach


South Brighton School Trip to the Beach. In Jellicoe Street.

Waikuku Beach


Waikuku Beach 1946. Dorothy Lott, Robin (bow), Derek Loft (with ...

Radcliffe family


Ruby, Bill (Jim's uncle) and little Jack Radcliff.

Cave Rock Sumner.


Cave Rock Sumner. Joy at the beach in Sumner.

New Brighton Pier with a pillar of sunlight beaming down on to the ocean

9 August 2019

A lone walker enjoys a walk on the beach on a sunny winter ...

New Brighton beach car park

13 August 1977

The cark park at New Brighton beach.

Shag Rock, Sumner Beach, 2009

26 September 2009

Shag Rock at Sumner Beach before the earthquakes.
Highly ...

Summer day at Pines Beach

2 January 1979

Typical Christchurch summer day at Pines Beach. Blue sky, ...

New Brighton beach crowd

11 January 1983

Crowds on New Brighton beach during a hot week in January.

New Brighton Pier at dawn

29 May 2019

New Brighton Pier at dawn with red reflections.


20 April 2011

This was a piece done for GreenPeace in relation to an Oil Spill ...

Peter Donnelly "Sand man"

17 December 2010

Some of Peter Donnellys' artworks from his Sandman days. ...

Birdlings Flat

12 January 2019

Birdlings Flat. And my feet.

Sisters at the beach

21 December 1985

Jane and Helen Truscott at the beach.

Scarborough Fair Restaurant and Café on the Esplanade

11 January 1988

Exterior of the Scarborough Fair Restaurant and Café at 147 ...

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