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Grand Parade at the A&P Show


Participants walking animals in the grand parade at the ...

At the Canterbury A & P Show

1955 or 1956

All dressed up for Christchurch A & P Show

A & P Show 1956


All dressed up for the A & P show.

Teenage Fashion

12 November 1948

My mother and her cousins (aged 10-14 yrs) outside the ...

Just friends


Boy and family friend at the A & P show, Christchurch.

Show Day 1951


Dad, Mum, Gloria, Kevin and Maureen off to the show in 1951.

A & P Show, 1950


My mother (centre) and grandmother at the Canterbury A & P show ...

Christchurch A&P Show

1940s to 1960s

Portrait of an unidentified man with two children at the ...

New Zealand Ferret Society Display

11 November 1995

Christie and Megan Webber with Kim Whittington at the Ferret ...

Rodney Lingham and restored tractor

6 November 1993

Rodney Lingham, 12, with a restored tractor he is going to ...

Tractors on Colombo Street

12 November 1991

Tractors on Colombo Street as part of the Canterbury ...

Florence the Llama

10 November 1989

Florence the Llama at the Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral ...

Tractors on Colombo Street

7 November 1989

Tractors on Colombo Street as part of the Canterbury ...

Goat parade

11 November 1989

Southbridge Topaz and other goats in a parade at the Canterbury ...

Piglets at the A and P show

19 January 1988

Julia Foster and Meagan Haig with piglets at the Canterbury ...

Annabel Sheppard at the A and P show

10 November 1988

Annabel Sheppard, a University of Canterbury student, selling ...

Leanne Chappell with prize winning cow

11 November 1988

Leanne Chappell and prize winning limousin, Mitchfield Sally, ...

Gemma Oliver and Chloe the jersey calf

18 November 1988

Gemma Oliver, 3, with Chloe, her jersey calf, at the grand ...

Show day fairground rides

14 November 1987

Owen Faulkner with fairground rides at the Canterbury ...

Show day fairground ride

14 November 1987

View of a fairground ride in use at the Canterbury Agricultural ...

Xeus and the ring of fire

14 November 1987

Police dog Xeus leaps through a ring of fire at the Canterbury ...

A and P Show parade

10 November 1987

A traffic officer directs the Canterbury Agricultural and ...

Horse riding parade

14 November 1987

Children riding horses in a parade at the Canterbury ...

Police dog demonstration

14 November 1987

Constable Dale Pohio and Ajax chase Constable Paul Tonetcliffe ...

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