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Snow the icing on the cake

7 June 2012

"Snow in Galbraith Avenue, looking out to Avonside Drive. ...

Red-zoned house getting demolished

2 March 2012

Demolition of a red-zoned house in Galbraith Avenue in Avonside, ...

Gathered at Karen's House

Circa. 2005

Photo taken at Karen Stevenson’s under an art-work by Lonnie ...

Red zone, white snow, pink sky

Winter 2012

"A carpet of snow across Sullivan Park on Galbraith Avenue, ...

Solitary tree on the Avon Loop

May 2020

A tree in autumn sits on the riverbank on the Avon loop.

Avonside Loop

May 2020

Native grasses grow in the middle of an abandoned road in the ...

Makeshift Lockdown Workstation

April 2020

While working in Level 3 & 4 lockdown my bedroom was turned into ...

Easter cupcakes

April 2020

Easter nest cupcakes baked during Lockdown.

Vintage Bike

April 2020

A vintage bike parked by the Avon river during a bike ride in ...

Autumn Toadstools

April 2020

Toadstools growing on the banks of the Avon river in Autumn.

Sourdough Bread during Lockdown

April 2020

A loaf of sourdough bread made during lockdown 2020.

Sourdough Starters

April 2020

Active sourdough starters which were created during lockdown.

Sunset on the Avon River

May 2020

Sunset on a walk during lockdown.

Munted Medway bridge

May 2020

The old Medway bridge which was damaged in the 2011 earthquake. ...

Family stroll down the Avon

April 2020

Dad and daughter go for an evening autumn stroll down the Avon ...

Lockdown Crochet Blanket

May 2020

A big crochet project completed during Lockdown 2020.

Eight months living in the Residential Red Zone - seriously, how did we survive?!

21 October 2011, 6:52 PM

Corner of Avonside Drive and Retreat Road, walking home from ...

Not just portaloos!

17 October 2011

In the months following the 2011 earthquakes, sewage & drainage ...

Spring in the Residential Red Zone

19 Oct 2011

October 2011 brought new spring greenery to the Avon Loop - and, ...

Spring still comes, even in the Residential Red Zone!

12 October 2011, 4:53 PM

Even after the earthquakes, spring still came to Christchurch - ...

Residential Red Zone living - complete with moat

18 August 2011, 5.46 PM

In the residential Red Zone, thawing snow from mid-August 2011 ...

Earthquakes + snowstorms = deep trouble

17 August 2011, 8.15 AM

In the Residential Red Zone, snow-thaw from the mid-August 2011 ...

August 2011 snowstorm in post-quake Residential Red Zone

16 August 2011, 9.21 AM

In mid-August 2011, the combination of heavy snowfalls and ...

Heavy snowfall Aug 2011, Avonside Residential Red Zone

16 Aug 2011, 9:19 AM

Following the major quakes in Feb and Jun 2011, we then ...

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