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Paeroa Reserve Visit of Supling Filipino Playgroup

12 April 2022

Regular nature walk and duck visit of Supling Playgroup to ...

A cool tree

8 October 2021

Caught this cool looking tree in Mona Vale, beside the tennis ...

A Beautiful Spanish Bluebell

8 October 2021

This Spanish bluebell was taken in photo by me in a place called ...

Nature Art

6 April 2020

Joseph and Jack Ward created art using nature (and Nerf bullets) ...

Bee-ssential Worker

12 April 2020

Lockdown photography in our own backyard - now we start to ...

Hunter, Mount Holdsworth


Mount Holdsworth, Wairarapa, with Mount Ruapehu in the ...

Heron gets a worm at Bexley Wetland

9 July 2019

A white-faced heron catches a worm as the tide goes out at ...

Pukeko feeding on shoots at Travis Wetland

8 July 2019

A pukeko feeds on shoots at the Travis Wetland Nature Heritage ...

Little shag resting on guard railing at Kaiapoi Lakes

9 February 2019

A lone little shag resting on the guard railing at Kaiapoi ...

Male blue damselfly at Otukaikino Reserve

9 December 2018

A male blue damselfly rests on a leaf by the walking track ...

Little shag feeding offspring at Horseshoe Lake Reserve

17 November 2018

Horseshoe Lake Reserve is now home to a colony of little shag ...

Little shag waits for fish at the stormwater drain in Linwood

14 July 2018

A little shag waits for fish along the stormwater drain on ...

A toddler helps a duck to cross the road

3 March 2018

A toddler 'helps' this muscovy shelduck to 'cross the road' at ...

Pukeko jostling over a shoot

10 February 2018

These two pukeko at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve grabbed the same ...

Toddler chasing ducks at the Botanical Gardens

8 October 2017

A toddler chases a family of ducks at the Botanical Gardens.

Fledgling pukeko at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

19 March 2017

I spotted this fledgling pukeko in the undergrowth, playing with ...

Bonus spider with your bouquet

29 January 2016

My wife got a bouquet as a thank you... I discovered it came ...

Meeting a fantail at Riccarton Bush

9 May 2015

An encounter with a fantail at Riccarton Bush.

Vivid green

2 October 2019

The leaves are fresh after the storm. The clear blue sky brings ...


8 July 2019

It was clear autumn sky, yellow leaves, and greenery grass ...


30 August 2019

I happened to look up at the sky and found a natural beauty ...

Blue sky

28 August 2019

I encountered this blue sky when I needed it the most. I’ve ...

Book of Nature

9 July 2019

I bike to school everyday which is about 10km from home, brought ...

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