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Filling a monsoon bucket at Rangiora

3 February 1989

Alan Bond pilots a helicopter as the fire fighters fill a ...

Firefighter training at Blue Skies camp

1 October 1984

Senior rescue firefighter, Henry Waitoa sprays foam on to ...

Deneka resting on chair.

29 April 2020

Deneka the cat just woken up.

Whitebaiting at Kairaki

8 September 1982

Whitebaiters with nets at Kairaki near the mouth of the ...

Whitebaiting on the Kaiapoi River

30 October 1973

L.T. Beck, 69, of Kaiapoi paddling on the Kaiapoi River to his ...

Whitebaiters at Kairaki

1 September 1969

The beach at Kairaki near the mouth of the Waimakariri River ...

Logging trucks on the northern motorway

27 February 1971

Logging trucks on the northern motorway passing the offramp to ...

Motorway construction

4 October 1967

Looking south on the northern motorway from Tram Road overhead ...

Northern motorway

18 October 1979

The northern motorway, looking north as it bypasses Kaiapoi. The ...

Cam Road underpass construction

19 August 1969

Construction of the Cam Road underpass on the northern motorway ...

Planned route of northern motorway

5 July 1966

Aerial view showing the planned route of the northern motorway ...

Northern motorway construction

18 May 1965

Aerial view of the construction of the section of the northern ...

Morrison Ashley Bank Hotel


Morrison Ashley Bank Hotel. One of two images of the hotel at ...

1931 Model A Ford bus at the Ford Garage, Oxford


1931 Model A Ford bus at the Ford Garage, Oxford

Bus on Waimakariri Bridge

10 December 1982

Christchurch Transport Board bus returning from Rangiora across ...

Kairaki Beach motor camp

25 January 1975

View of caravans with neatly pruned hedges separating the ...

Ashley Gorge domain

27 December 1977

View of the kiosk at Ashley Gorge domain.

Camping at Ashley Gorge

12 January 1978

View of caravans and tents at Ashley Gorge camping ground.

Summer day at Pines Beach

2 January 1979

Typical Christchurch summer day at Pines Beach. Blue sky, ...

Commemorative plaque on Tram Road near Swannanoa

29 March 1975

A plaque commemorating two motor cycle world records on the Tram ...

Official opening of the Bealey Bridge in Canterbury


View of cars travelling along the Bealey Bridge, which crosses ...

School Bus at Coopers Creek, Oxford


1926 Model T Bus at Coopers Creek near Rangiora. The lady, my ...

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