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Transport Board building construction

23 February 1972

Construction of the new Transport Board building in Cathedral ...

Trams in the Square


Am guessing this is post World War 1. Grandfather driving horse ...

Central city outing

19 January 1990

Brett Carpenter Christmas school holidays - central city outing. ...

Press Office. Christchurch. No. 181. J.G


Press Office. Christchurch. No. 181. J.G

Cars and buses outside the Cathedral

July 1959

Cars and buses outside the Cathedral

Citizens' War Memorial in Cathedral Square


An unidentified person standing in front of the Citizens' War ...

Damaged Christchurch Press building,

10 March 2011

Damaged Christchurch Press building in Cathedral Square.

The Citizens War memorial

25 September 1990

The Citizens War memorial memorial in Cathedral Square. Also ...

The Press building

The Press building in Cathedral.

ACC Protest, Cathedral Square, Christchurch, 26 March 2010


Neville Toohey locked himself on the balcony of the Christchurch ...

The chancel and transepts of the Cathedral and the Press building

September 1910

View afforded by the demolition of the old tramway shed

Results of the 1919 general election posted outside the Press building

19 December 1919

The results of the general election of 1919, posted outside the ...

Press Building

Circa 1995

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