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Civic Memories 1974

March 1974

Finale performance of Civic Memories with a large group of the ...

“Civic Memories” show at Civic Theatre

March 1974

Hill-Billy Hotshots performing at “Civic Memories” show at ...

The Hill-billy Hotshots during a “Civic Memories” performance

March 1974

Members of the Hill-billy Hotshots during a “Civic Memories” ...

People inside Town Hall from Victoria Square


Contributor's note: "People scenes in and around Cathedral ...

Ferrier Fountain and poupou

17 January 2023

The Ferrier Fountain and poupou from Victoria Square.

Ferrier Fountain

17 January 2023

Looking towards the Ferrier Fountain and Christchurch Town Hall ...

Repairs to Christchurch Town Hall

29 January 2016

Christchurch Town Hall, Avon River side, undergoing earthquake ...

Hay twins singing at Telethon

1 July 1985

Mayor, Hamish Hay, and his twin, David, sing Side by Side at ...

Applause for $6 million

1 July 1985

The hosts of Telethon 1985 applaud as $6 million is reached.

Celebration at Telethon

July 1979

People at Telethon celebrating.

Bob Bradford's band at Telethon

2 July 1979

Bob Bradford's band performing at Telethon as the funds reach $1 ...

Paparua County Jaycees at Telethon

28 June 1977

Paparua County Jaycees at Telethon with their fundraising ...

Lion cub at Telethon

27 June 1977

Rodney Bryant with a lady holding a lion cub at Telethon.

Telethon hosts applaud funds

27 June 1977

The hosts of Telethon 1977 applaud a total of raised funds. ...

Rodney Bryant with monkeys

5 July 1976

Rodney Bryant in a wheelchair with monkeys at Telethon.

Ballet performance at Telethon

28 June 1977

Men dressed as ballerinas performing at Telethon 1977.

The final total at Telethon

27 June 1983

People celebrate the final total of funds raised for Telethon.

Deep Freeze team at Telethon

1 July 1981

Matthew Whiting on a sledge brought by Deep Freeze personnel to ...

Kaiapoi Rangers raise money for Telethon

27 June 1988

Members of the Kaiapoi Rangers with a toy Alf raising money for ...

Telethon audience at Town Hall

25 June 1988

Audience gathering outside the Town Hall for the Telethon.

What Now dancers

25 June 1988

What Now dancers performing at the Telethon.

Telethon presenters singing

27 June 1988

Christchurch Telethon presenters, included Catherine McPherson ...

Christchurch Town Hall


Through the cordon - a set of five photos I took in central ...

Victoria Square decorated for the 2008 Lantern Festival

1 March 2008

Victoria Square during the 2008 Chinese Lantern Festival.   ...

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