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Spectators on the rocks at Sumner beach

March 2018

Spectators watch the Single Fin Mingle competition from the ...

Friends hold hands while surfing

March 2018

Two friends surf together at the Single Fin Mingle Competition ...

Surfers ride a party wave at Sumner

March 2018

Competitors at the Single Fin Mingle ride the waves.

Tramways on a sunny day

31 March 2018

"People enjoying the city in one of the most amazing attractions ...

USAF F-16 Fighting Falcon flying overhead on approach to Christchurch

31 March 2018

I was almost directly under the approach path of this USAF F-16 ...

A toddler helps a duck to cross the road

3 March 2018

A toddler 'helps' this muscovy shelduck to 'cross the road' at ...

East window restored

March 2018

The east window, damaged by the fire, has been carefully ...

New stairs

March 2018

The stairs, damaged by the fire, have been carefully restored.

New sprinklers

March 2018

Sprinklers were installed to ensure the Vicarage is going to be ...

Waimairi stream in Ilam Gardens

24 March 2018

Waimairi stream in Ilam gardens with a water wheel and foot ...

Circus by Christchurch Airport

17 March 2018

Entrance to a Weber Bros circus by Christchurch Airport lit up ...

Gateway Bridge

17 March 2018

Gateway bridge at night and lit up green for St Patricks day.

New Avonside Girls’ and Shirley Boys’ High Schools

25 March 2018

Construction of the new New Avonside Girls’ and Shirley ...

Waves at Birdlings Flat

8 March 2018

Christchurch City Council produced video of Birdlings Flat.

Councillor Deon Swiggs fronting the Shop-Op video

8 March 2018

Video featuring Councillor Deon Swiggs talking about the central ...

Ernle Clark Reserve

17 March 2018

Heathcote River, Ernle Clark Reserve.

Dragon at Lantern Festival

10 March 2018

Close-up of the dragon lantern on display along the banks of the ...

Bowker Fountain

10 March 2018

View of the Bowker Fountain lit up at night in Victoria Square ...

Fetching a stick at Waimairi Beach

30 March 2018

A dog playing in the waves and fetching a stick at Waimairi ...

Christchurch sign

31 March 2018

Christchurch sign when crossing into Christchurch from Selwyn on ...

Driftwood Shelter

30 March 2018

Driftwood shelter at Waimairi Beach.

Bottle Lake Forest scene

30 March 2018

View of trees and water on Lima Road in Bottle Lake Forest.

All Fires Prohibited sign

30 March 2018

No fire sign and map of the area at the entrance to Bottle Lake ...

Fire Danger Sign

25 March 2018

Close-up of a fire danger sign reflected in a puddle near ...

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