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White Sunday 2013

13 October 2013

White Sunday at Samoan Methodist Church.

Taiko Drummers at the Night Noodle Markets

13 February 2013

"Japanese style Taiko drummers performing at the Night Noodle ...

Memorial to the 19th Infantry Battalion and Armoured Regiment

12 December 2013

A group of war veterans gathered at the opening of the Memorial ...

Park Ranger

12 December 2013

A Christchurch City Council park ranger in his truck at Victoria ...

Lachie Griffen

12 December 2013

Lachie Griffen of the 19th Battalion and Armoured Regiment with ...

The Town Ball


Temporary bar on Manchester Street in the form of an inflatable ...

Desmond Pidgeon at Okains Bay School, 2013


This photo was taken of Desmond John Pidgeon (born 1926) when he ...

Agents for R. Hudson and Co Ltd and Irvine and Stevenson Ltd

June 2013

Advertising sign St Asaph Street. Old advertising sign on a ...

Brice Cycle Depo

June 2013.

Brice Cycle Depot building advertising sign. Part of an old ...

240 Estuary Road, South Brighton


Lots of changes [since 1960]. Just before it was demolished ...

Plaque on the corner of High and Cashel Streets, Christchurch

5 May 2013.

The photo was taken on the corner of High and Cashel Streets on ...

208 Worcester St. 2013 - Plinth where milk bottles were put for the milkman.


All that was left of 208 Worcester St after the 'quakes.

Port-a-loo exhibit in Festival of Flowers

17 February 2013

A number of port-a-loos were decorated and placed on the mound ...

Demolition for new Conference Centre

27 January 2013

View from Gloucester Street of rubble from demolition with ...

The Pallet Pavilion

7 February 2013

This very successful Gap Filler project at the corner of Durham ...

The Temple for Christchurch

8 September 2013

This was built by volunteers during September 2013 on the site ...

'Farewell My Home'

4 May 2013

This decorated road cone was placed on a verge by a red zone ...

Flooding in Gayhurst Road

16 June 2013

After the earthquakes, particularly during the winter of 2013, ...

Kate Sheppard National Memorial

6 March 2013

The Kate Sheppard National Memorial is a large cast bronze ...

Kate Sheppard National Memorial (Detail)

6 March 2013

Kate Sheppard National Memorial, detail of left panel.

Kate Sheppard National Memorial (Detail)

6 March 2013

Kate Sheppard National Memorial, detail of right panel.

Art Box, St Asaph and Madras Streets

25 April 2013

Art Box, St Asaph and Madras Streets.

Tree decorated with orange  hi-vis gear

20 April 2013

This tree decorated with orange  hi-vis gear at 244 Manchester ...

Central Library Peterborough

10 April 2013

Central Library Peterborough, 91 Peterborough Street.

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