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392 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr

c 1959

Church meeting at 392 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr. This would later ...

McSherry and Neale, electrical specialists

14 October 1983

Televisions for sale at McSherry and Neale at 290 Wairakei Road.

Aorangi School clowns

17 May 1985

Aorangi School pupils dressed as clowns following a visit from ...

Aorangi School

15 June 1990

Julia Pendly, of Aorangi School in Bryndwr, being helped with ...

The Giles family

5 November 1979

The Giles family who are protesting against Municipal ...

Bryndwr YMCA complex

24 April 1971

The exterior of the Bryndwr YMCA.

Chinese Boxing

28 November 1970

Peter Chen (left) demonstrating Chinese boxing at the Bryndwr ...

Bryndwr Store on Bounty Road

11 January 1988

Exterior of the Bryndwr Store at 2 Bounty Road on the corner ...

Former Dairy now residential on Aorangi Road

11 January 1988

Exterior of a former dairy, now a residential house at 3 Aorangi ...

Bishopdale from air, 1965


The photo was taken from the passenger seat of a small plane ...

Rev Dr. B. P. Ashby at a new church, Jeffreys Road

3 October 1987

The Most Rev B.P. Ashby at the blessing of the foundation stone ...

Artist Michael Armstrong with art and sewing machine

13 October 1983

Michael Armstrong, artist, in his studio on Idris Road with a ...

Four Square Foodmarket, Normans Road, Elmwood


Customers are shown being presented with their prizes in a Crest ...

Shops in Normans Road, Elmwood, Christchurch


By 1965 there had been further additions to the right of the ...

Four Square Foodmarket, Normans Road, Elmwood


Designed by Paul Pascoe and built by Sharp Brothers, the store ...

Lake Bryndwr, near the corner of Wairakei and Breens Roads

Circa 1965

Aerial view of the lake. A speedway track can be seen ...

Port Hills From Bryndwr


Bryndwr is now a residential suburb of Christchurch but at the ...

Dalgety Real Estate and Travel, Bryndwr

22 September 1982

Exterior of Dalgety Real Estate and Travel at 287A Wairakei ...

107 Idris Rd

12 January 1988

Victoria Florists on the corner of Idris and Wairakei Rd.

The Bryndwr Tramps


Bernie Robinson (left) and Johnnie Plimmer with Stan's jalopy. ...

Liquorland Ilam

23 February 2005

The Cellar Ghost outside Liquorland Ilam, 364 Ilam Road

Roper's Store, Normans Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch


This area of Bryndwr (later Elmwood) was once a farm owned by ...

Staff of the Four Square Foodmarket, Normans Road, Elmwood


In 1963 a large number of people was still required to run the ...

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