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Masked bear and friend in window

5 September 2021

Masked bear and friend in window in New Brighton during Lockdown ...

Bear on fence in Lockdown August 2021

22 August 2021

A big teddy bear sitting atop a fence in New Brighton, reminding ...

Applause for Telethon target

5 September 1990

Participants at Telethon applaud as a new target is reached. ...

Raffle Bear from New Brighton Mall, early 1980's

Early 1980s

Raffle- chocolate wheel was held each Saturday. This was a ...

Mr Essential Bear, Lockdown Teddybear

2 April 2021

Painted this teddy bear artwork for the fence as part of the ...

COVID-19 Waving Teddy

18 April 2020

"A waving teddy bear in an upstairs window, during the first ...

COVID-19 Baby Bears' Bubble

27 April 2020

"A collection of tiny teddy bears hung outside in a waterproof ...

Alternative Teddy Bear Hunt

April 2020

A picture of a teddy bear with some bear related jokes for ...

Teddy on Letterbox in Level 4

April 2020

A teddy bear on a letterbox during the lockdown teddybear hunt.

Teddy bears on Edgeware Road

12 April 2020

Every day this house has an array of bears. When it is wet, ...

Teddy bear hunt

6 April 2020

Seen on a driveway during level 4 lockdown, a koala stuffed toy ...

George Manning Home for the Elderly craft group

28 October 1982

Members of the Craft group with their crafts at the George ...

Bear Hunt on Summit Road

17 May 2020

During the Lock down, Teddy Bears appeared all over the city, ...

Bear in a tree with rabbit ears for Easter

11 April 2020

Bear in tree along Harris Crescent for the Lockdown Bear Hunt ...

Bear and Elmo in window

4 April 2020

Bear and Elmo in window on Ilam Road as part of the Lockdown ...

Coloured in paper bears

3 April 2020

Coloured in paper bears on Harewood Road for those to ...

Bear peaking over the fence

3 April 2020

Bear peaking over the fence on Harris Crescent as part of the ...

Teddy bears in a window

17 April 2020

Teddy bears in a window on Burdale Street as part of the Bear ...

Chalk drawing of a Teddy

14 April 2020

Chalk teddy bear on footpath, for the lockdown bear hunt.

Teddybear hunt on bike

12 April 2020

A cute teddybear found on our bike ride in Clivedon Place, ...

Teddies in a caravan

15 April 2020

These soft toys are staying safe in their bubble and bringing ...

Vote for what colour gloves Bob the bear will wear next

9 April 2020

A rather cute neighbourhood activity - use the voting rocks to ...

Bear Hunt

Thursday 2 April 2020

Teddy Bear at a house in St Albans. Day 8 of lockdown.

Souvlaki King

6 April 2020

Teddy bears and Kermit the frog in the window of Souvlaki King.

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