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Firefighters training at Queen Elizabeth II Park

16 March 1972

Firefighters working to extinguish a deliberately set fire at ...

Firefighter examination

12 September 1972

Christchurch firefighters sitting their qualifying exam at the ...

Cat at fire station parade

22 December 1972

Socks the cat interrupts a parade inspection at the Central Fire ...

Town Hall Motel

27 May 1972

View of the entrance to the Town Hall Motel complex 180 ...

Colonial Inn Motel

23 March 1972

The heated swimming pool at the Colonial Inn Motel at 43 Papanui ...

Whitebait nets in the Avon

7 October 1972

Whitebaiters with nets in the Avon River in the vicinity of ...

World bed pushing record attempt

24 March 1972

North Christchurch Jaycees Jim Wallace, Trevor Bayliss and Colin ...

Town Hall fountain construction

2 June 1972

Construction of the Town Hall fountain, the Ferrier Fountain, ...

Cooking pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

16 February 1972

Jill Lemon, Shirley Boon, Valerie Marshall, Valerie Mills, Lina ...

Shrove Tuesday pancake race practice

14 February 1972

Janette Smith (left) and Beverley Church practicing for the ...

Shrove Tuesday pancake race cyclist

16 February 1972

Valerie Marshall cycling while competing in the Shrove Tuesday ...

Brougham Street intersection

15 July 1972

The house of Rona Ferguson, 10 Brougham Street, Sydenham, which ...

Chaneys Road underpass

26 January 1972

Construction of the Chaneys Road underpass on the northern ...

Christies night club

1 December 1972

The interior of Christies night club at 54 Litchfield Street in ...

Chaneys Road underpass

14 July 1972

Construction of the Chaneys Road underpass on the northern ...

Construction of university campus in Ilam

26 October 1972

Aerial view showing the construction of the University of ...

Gas leak in Chancery Lane

31 July 1972

A Gas Company workman digging down to to a gas leak in Chancery ...

Hydrogen gas leak detector

23 March 1972

A hydrogen gas leak detector being operated by M. Watson on ...

Christchurch Gas Company showroom

1 May 1972

Modern gas cookers in the showrooms at the Christchurch Gas ...

Construction of the Ramada Inn

15 December 1972

Riggers erecting reinforcing steel for the construction of the ...

New bus for Christchurch

21 November 1972

Interior of the new Christchurch Transport Board bus.

Transport Board building construction

23 February 1972

Construction of the new Transport Board building in Cathedral ...

Maria Rohs in Cathedral square, Street Photos,1972

January 1972

Maria Rohs in Cathedral square, 1972

Transport Board building construction

28 April 1972

The new Christchurch Transport Board building being constructed ...

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