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Preparations for "Hair" at the Theatre Royal

25 May 1972

View of the stage during preparations for a performance of ...

Majestic Theatre

9 November 1972

Exterior of the Majestic Theatre on the north-east corner of ...

Site for the Canterbury Building Society

21 June 1972

Construction site for the Canterbury Building Society on the ...

Worcester Chambers

14 December 1972

Worcester Chambers at 69 Worcester Street.

Construction of St Andrew's Church hall

18 January 1972

Robin Kirk of Pascoe, Paul and Linton, and Bill Jones from ...

St Peter's Presbyterian church spire

24 July 1972

Looking down the spire on St Peter's Presbyterian church at ...

St Peter's Presbyterian church weather vane

24 July 1972

C.G. Rae and F.L Cleveland with the weather vane of St Peter's ...

St Paul's Church

29 April 1972

St Paul's Presbyterian Church on the corner of Madras Street and ...

Trinity Church

29 April 1972

The Garden Bar, Valley Inn

3 August 1972

The Garden Bar at the Valley Inn.

Carlton Cellars

27 November 1972

Interior of Carlton Cellars.

Manchester Unity building

7 October 1972

The Manchester Unity building on the corner of Manchester and ...

The Royal Hotel in Woodend

9 September 1972

Rangiora County councillor, Owen C. Stalker stood outside the ...

The Canterbury Savings Bank

1 August 1972

Interior of the Canterbury Savings Bank central city branch on ...

Transferral of power lines

17 March 1972

Municipal Electricity Department workers transferring ...

A fault in an underground cable

31 May 1972

Workers from the Municipal Electricity Department carrying out ...

The Municipal Electricity Department building

24 February 1972

The Municipal Electricity Department building on the corner of ...

Cable in McFaddens Road

8 March 1972

A cable being laid in McFaddens Road.

Mercury vapour lamp installation

5 July 1972

Installation of a mercury vapour lamp outside the Town Hall on ...

Table top war gaming

16 December 1972

A group playing a table top war game.

High altitude boots

17 October 1962

Close-up of a pair of high altitude boots identical to those ...

Unveiling of Town Hall plaque

30 September 1972

Sir Denis Blundell unveiling the plaque at the official opening ...

View from the Avon River of the Town Hall construction

5 August 1972

The construction of the Town Hall restaurant as seen from across ...

Sir Denis Blundell at the Town Hall

7 October 1972

Sir Denis Blundell, official Governor-General of New Zealand ...

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