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Burwood Rabbit Farm


Burwood Rabbit Farm. Was 24 Francis Street - now Bassett Street. ...

Windsor School production

19 August 1983

View of students performing in an anti-pollution play at Windsor ...

Windsor Primary School pupils

20 January 1971

A group of girls gathered in a group on the playground at ...

Keiran and Reuben McNabb

31 October 1979

Keiran and Reuben McNabb with their contribution to the power ...

Frasers Mini Market Dairy on New Brighton Road

12 January 1988

Exterior of Frasers Mini Market Dairy at 144 New Brighton Road ...

Wayside Dairy on Bassett Road

12 January 1988

Exterior of the Wayside Dairy at 23 Bassett Road in Burwood. The ...

Wood collection at Burwood plantation

6 August 1977

People collecting wood at the Burwood plantation.

Burwood Public Library

20 September 1962

Interior of Burwood Public Library prior to its official ...

Scout Community Cleanup

29 November 2018

"Keas, Cubs and Scouts from a variety of Scout Groups in ...

Burwood Park, New Brighton Road


Substation in Burwood Park, New Brighton Road.

Electric pumps at Burwood pump station

8 December 1961

Interior of the new Burwood automatic pump station and of newly ...

Burwood market gardener

15 July 1974

Alick Ching, a market gardener from Burwood, with his cases of ...

Pukekos at Travis Wetlands

25 April 2018

Three Pukekos grazing at Travis Wetland Nature Heritage Park.

1st Anniversary 22.2.2012 Windsor School 1


Decorated cones outside Windsor School on the first anniversary ...

Christchurch Archery Club members, Burwood Park

6 October 1980

Three members of the Christchurch Archery Club with bows and ...

South Island archery tournament, Burwood Park

13 April 1974

A line of archers with bows and arrows competing in the South ...

Burwood Hospital, Department of Physical Medicine

2 October 1985

Aerial view of the Department of Physical Medicine buildings at ...

Burwood Hospital gymnasium construction

14 August 1984

Four cranes hoisting the frame for the roof of Burwood ...

Burwood Hospital staff

28 May 1965

A group of male and female nurses playing basketball at Burwood ...

Burwood Hospital Surgical block

19 February 1966

Exterior of the entrance driveway to Burwood Hospital looking ...

Burwood Hospital Spinal Injury Unit

7 September 1991

Sign and exterior for Burwood Hospital Spinal Injury Unit.

Reverend David Wundersitz on new Lutheran church site

11 February 1988

Reverend David Wundersitz on the construction site of the new ...

Community Car Watch, Burwood

Circa 1990s

Councillor Carole Evans and Councillor Gail Sheriff volunteer ...

Neroli Fairhall doing archery in a wheelchair

3 September 1977

Archer, Neroli Fairhall, practicing archery skills at Burwood ...

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